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Male Multi Tasking What a Pain.


Have not run for 6 days since Abi’s October Speed Challenge finished.

Not injured,beat myself up for being lazy,but the truth is cannot handle ticking off rapidly a long job list.

When loads of stuff comes along, particularly with a short lead time, I am just useless.

Trying to be busy,preparing to go off to the family in the Gulf, all the preparation stuff before going while away and for return.🙈

What suffers running.🙈 After hedge cutting hamster wheel for 4 weeks this year well that is not going to be repeated.

Facts are for me I lose too much fitness that I can simply measure through loss of pace.While this is not critical for the enjoyment of running I think it is at least one,and an accurate measure of performance and fitness. At my slow pace I can always get round anything I set myself 5-10K,when I first return, but I do have to recover one to nearly two mins per km in a 1-3 month period before trying to make further progress again.

Definately two steps back.🙈🤔

I have hassled myself all week,mr running brain, mr running core, mr running anything, except mr running conscious, they have all been told to get their act together or they can pack their bags and they are certainly not going to the Gulf.

We all know the rewards that mr running gives us , whether we like it or not, so as many on here say , stick at it, just do it, until it is a habit.

For those that can multi task,ladies 🏃‍♀️of course and some men🤔well that’s one less thing to get in the way.

Only comfort for me is I think I have identified one of my problems,so got to workout the solution, the fact that it has taken 75 years just confirms that I am as thick as two short planks.

But I do not care, I have found running and this forum.

Running the golden thread that binds us and the forum together and running that is simply life giving.


Go everyone and enjoy.💥🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💥☄️☄️

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Nice Post from you Tbae, I hope you are well and looking forward to seeing your family in the Gulf, I do agree that some ladies are better than multitasking than men, at least some of them are. You mentioned planks, I do some elbow and full planks along with some YouTube videos as part of my exercise regime, perhaps they have helped me with some of the 5k runs I have ran recently. Enjoy your stay in the Gulf



Tbae in reply to AlMorr

Hi Alan,

Hope you are good.👍👏👏

You made me laugh, the short planks is the state of my brain.🤔🙈😂😂

I think I hold my hands up, all ladies are better at Multi Tasking and much, much more.

If you cannot beat them, join them.




🤗 Yes I can multi task , but I can't run 10k (yet).

So you lose a little pace, but have a fabulous family time in the Gulf.

Now do as you are told and keep working through that list.

Have a wonderful trip 🤩

Tbae in reply to Jell6

Trouble is you ladies have got the right strategy,🤔, as fast as I get them off the list a new amended list appears.🙈😂😂

Yes I am very biddable now,🙈too old to be anything else.🤔😂

Wish Mr Running was in charge.🙈🤔😂😂


Jell6Graduate10 in reply to Tbae



Sometimes life just gets in the way of a good run 🙄 Fret not Tbae, you're a runner and therefore you'll do it when you can.

Have a wonderful time in the Gulf 🙂

Tbae in reply to Irishprincess

Just back.Got round my 5k, lovely.

Thanks IP, hope you got your trees in.

I was thinking on the way round I am not within the normal guide lines.

I am so slow that I could not overuse anything anyway.

Seriously, so this little and often every day running is perfect for me with a one week reset/recover.

I think that logic is confirmed for me by the guide and loss of 2mins per km per week when I do not run.

Running is like a second Mother, it is life giving.

Thank you IP and you take care of you and yours.


IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

Little and often sounds as if it suits you. And speed is irrelevant unless you're running a race 🏃🏃🏃

I got my trees planted yesterday amidst quite windy weather so it was easy to work out which way to put the stakes! They're now getting a good soaking as it's wet here 🙂

Tbae in reply to Irishprincess

Perfect start for your trees.

I think also you just confirmed my point about female multi tasking.No fuss just gets done.



Life is a balance, sure you may have lost some pace, but your bush is in order :)

Just enjoy the things you can do when you can, chasing performance is soul destroying and you will crash eventually because of it.

Oh and my new paraglider is coming soon, so I will definitely be multitasking :)

Tbae in reply to pinkaardvark


Good to see you Mike.

Just back, so for me I can put a figure on it, 2 mins/5 km/ week

Destroy away,what a way to go Mike.🙈🤔😂😂

You keep flying on the ground and everywhere else.💥🏃‍♂️💥☄️


Hi Tbae, sounds like classic juggling of life, running and lots more life! 😃 Running has good manners and will politely wait for you. Have a wonderful time with your family. 😃

PS When you get back, maybe the lists could only be let out at certain times of the day??

Tbae in reply to Elfe5

Thanks Elfe.

I am just a useless Male.🙈😂

But when I get back I will get your scheduling tips.🤔👍👏👏💥🏃‍♀️💥☄️


Great to see you did manage to get out for 5k, Tbae! I think you love it too much to ever accidentally lose running, so never worry about that. As others say, just fit it in when you can and don’t worry about speed! 😊🏃‍♂️❤️❤️

Tbae in reply to mountaindreamer

Thanks Melinda loved your post and what a time by you.

I guess Mr MD would just out of sight.🙈😂

Is he any good and MT, at least he is fast.👍😂😂


mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

He finished the Tatton 10k in 44 mins, Bob! (Then moaned he’d not improved on his last 10k race time!! 😂😂😂)

Tbae in reply to mountaindreamer

WOW that’s quick.☄️

He is excused all MT then.🙈😂😂👏👏

mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

I’m afraid we’re a bit atypical...he’s far better at multitasking than I am! 🤔❤️

Tbae in reply to mountaindreamer



Ah, life gets in the way and I’m also a bit dicumbobulated by the clock change still 🙄. Running felt very habitual until now. I’m trying to figure out how to fit in a longer run once during the working week, but much depends on what my actual running buddy will want to do, and she’s still wavering on when she’ll run as well... Plus I’ve got some evening things on when I would normally have run. I’ll sort something out 😁👍 So don’t worry, you aren’t alone, it’s just that time of year perhaps!!!

Good luck with everything.👏👏👍

Feel much better for getting out there tonight.

Just completely lifted my mood.

Just got to keep doing this running no matter what.

Life giving magic.💥🏃‍♀️💥👏👏


As always lovely post.... I have a question, do you have a daily routine say in the morning when you get out of bed?

Tbae in reply to ju-ju-

That’s a good question Juju.

Not up as early as you, but nor do I know what a lay in is. Ever.Generally 0700.

No, but I know I am going and have to achieve something that day.🤔

I always have jobs to do,mainly general maintenance of the house and garden.Traditionally the man’s stuff.Do I knock them off as quickly and enthusiastically as I should, no🙈 I do not.

My running I fit into my day and generally like to go when I am chilled and start into my preparation.I have never just gone straight out the door to running .

In my retirement , initially, I used to be very good at making out very detailed programmes,days/ weeks/months , but not so good at executing them.🙈

Quite averse to strict routine now.

Sounds awful,but after a life of meeting tight schedules and demonstrating continuous improvement results in heavy industry I am either worn out or somehow having difficulty with its futility.

When I do get a passion for something I am off.Running is more than a passion, it is mandatory.🌟👏👏

Running has helped me rekindle my interest in the garden again.

I admire how you just crack on with all your responsibilities.💥🏃‍♀️🐆👑💥☄️👏👏

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Tbae

Ah yes I totally get what you are saying but I do sense that you want to build regular running into your daily routine? I also hate rigid plans as I have so many at work. So the ONLY rigidity that I allow with my running is that I get up and do it. How far, and where is whatever takes my fancy in the morning. So because this part of my routine is habit, it does not take up any space in my brain as its like making my poached egg or brushing my teeth ( if that makes sense?). I say all this as I wonder if this approach would work for you? It will take about 6 months to bed in and for your body to learn that's when it has its relax time ( so you are programming your mind rather than you waiting for you mind to tell you this). Equally there is no pressure to run at all, if the mood takes you go, and if not its not a problem ( dont waste your mental energy on worrying about go, not go, should have gone etc). Sorry I have waffled on, but its a subject close to my heart as my runstreak has taught me many things....

Tbae in reply to ju-ju-

No not waffle Juju, you must have learned a lot, considering your success and the ease you just realise your punishing schedule.

You just grind it out effortlessly.It and you are impressive.

I am going to really think about and digest what you are saying .

Thank you so much for taking your time to give me the benefit of your hard won knowledge and experience.

This continuous running is definately for me and perhaps the routine/habit consolidation with torch and safety gear is just the ticket.

When I get back from the Gulf and clear of jury duty, heck that’s weeks,may even get started out there.

Going to get my head round this Juju.

You take care of you and yours.

This is straight forward and just could be the answer.🤔your answer.

Actually I have seen in your replies to others,this general theme.Of course it must be close to your heart.Thank you for this light bulb moment.

Love, just get up and do it.That is just simple and the determination and discipline required.But can see lots of other stuff just getting pulled in line.🤔


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