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Week 3 run 1 of ju-ju's 10k plan:


I overshot. I couldn't read my watch properly in the dark and thought I was under 3.5k. I tried to keep a steady pace both up and downhill and not vary too much. I'm quite pleased with myself: just over 4k in 35 minutes (must admit I tried to avoid the steeper bits today), and I still haven't got my inhaler (Monday!). Garmin's idea of my VO2 Max has gone up another couple of points as well - it makes me 18 years younger than I am, apparently. My pace and posture are improving too. It's all coming together: thank you ju-ju-

My motivation has been flagging a bit recently, mostly due to lack of sleep, so I had a two hour kip this afternoon, and I've got runner's high for the first time for a week or so. The first 20 minutes of a run are hard for me anyway, it takes that long for my lungs to clear. I realise I'm a long distance runner. I was always last in races on sports day at school. It takes me a while to warm up, then I feel as if I could keep going.

Does anyone else crave carbohydrates after a run? Ever since I started running again, I can't get enough carbs. I'm pretty slim and my body does well on carbs (along with fruit, veg etc), so it isn't a problem for me, they don't make me gain weight.

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You're just doing wonderfully lately, truly. Your result is brilliant and your pace is good too. I've got to be careful, though lately I'm hit and miss with carbs as I'm. Type 2 diabetic, but everything in moderation I guess. I'm a good size 16, so definately not slim like you, keep going girl, you are doing great x

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to quirkybee

Thank you, that’s so encouraging 😊 It’s all beginning to happen.

Im sorry to hear about the diabetes. One of my close friends is borderline type 2. She has done really well controlling it with diet. Almost no refined sugar and not too much stuff like pasta. It’s working really well for her.

Your curves suit you, from your photo you look gorgeous x

quirkybee in reply to FlickM3

Aww thank you for your lovely words. It's a case of counting the carb intake, but overall just a basic diet. Stress doesn't do it much good either, but we're all stressed with one thing and another, haha. Running is the best sport I've done and has helped me with my weight and mindset too xx 😊


Fantastic run Flick. Brilliant time and pace! 👏👏 I’m still on Wk3 also and still have to do 5k. However I have hurt my left ankle and at the moment I’m having to rest it. I tried to do my 5k on the tread due to the bad weather but sadly couldn’t manage it. Too painful. So at the moment I’m on the IC. 😩

Will rest again today and carry on next week.

Anyhoo Flick keep up the great running you long distancer you! Is that even grammatically correct hee! hee!😀😀


Thank you Maggie xxx

Oh, sorry to hear about your ankle. Rotten luck. I dread injury. Get better soon xxx


Well done Flick! You are really progressing well towards your 10k goal.

I was interested in your question about wanting carbs after a run.

I have a different urge and crave protein; I eat few carbs anyway as I can only tolerate small amounts of bread, rarely eat pasta and dislike anything sweet. But I love eggs, fish, lean meat etc. ..and as a life- long vegetable grower I adore all fruit and veg. My wife is the opposite and her every run is preceded by bread, cake, bananas and such; I just can't run after eating. I am fascinated by people's dietary preferences and how/why they develop.

No running for me today-except for a train- as we have enjoyed a super day out at Crufts.


Thank you kind Sir. Hopefully 7k by the end of the week, or thereabouts. Im beginning to badly run out of places to run here. The fields are still way too slidey with mud on the slopes, so Im running back and forth and round and round. I will have to run on the roads out of Chipoing Norton once I get to 8k or so.

I cant run after eating either, except very early in the morning after a bowl of muesli, banana, seeds, linseed etc. Im vegan, so the meat and eggs thing doesnt apply to me, and cheese used to send me to sleep. My partner eats very little fresh stuff and consumes chocolate, cakes, crisps etc, smokes and he drinks 20+ cups of double strength coffee a day and can climb a mountain without getting remotely out of breath. There is no justice... So the diet thing is endlessly fascinating. My body thrives on carbs, nuts, fruit, veg etc.

My daughter shows at Crufts. She has begun judging at shows but not Crufts yet as she hasnt been doing it long enough and would apparently have to be picked by committee anyway.


Great run, Flick!

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to MikeJones68

Thank you x

Amazing as ever! Keep on pushing - I'm just behind you ;)

Hope the allergies are under control?

Not sure what I crave after a run - depends what time of day I've run! I love breakfasts anyway so I'd be craving them regardless even if it's just toast!

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to icklegui

Come on, we can do it!! Got my new inhaler today so we shall see. My daughter just smashed 10k - so here's hoping I'm following in her footsteps. Enjoy the toast :)

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