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C25K as interval training coach


So I´ve started running again (summer was hot and long, but it´s gone). Hurray!

It´s been almost a year since I started the C25K programme with Laura (love her!). I graduated (30 mins, definitely not 5K, though) in spring. Now I aim for 5k in 30 mins.

I decided to do the programme again, starting with W1, and I am using it as interval training - running slowly (my pace is currently 5,2 kmph) and running faster (my target pace is 10 kmph, which is far, but I am trying). I hope I will progress significantly in 9 weeks :D

Have you tried?

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Lots of people have done this and really liked it so well done for restarting. Can I ask why you stopped running?

I'm with you on the summer, it's my least favourite time of year for running, but we're going into the best bestest times 🤗

Hello Irishprincess. My last run in summer was in July. So it wasn´t such a long break. But I missed my trainings very much :) I use C25K as an excuse to leave my home (3 young children and a usually untidy household) and spend some quality time alone - 40 minutes with nobody talking to me, demanding things :D

IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to Nicky04

Running is such special "me" time 🙂


It has been started many times but I don't recall anybody ever reporting back how they got on. I would be fascinated to hear how it works out for you.

Good luck.


Yes, I have used week 1&2 for interval training but can only manage 'fast' running for 60 secs, so tend to stick to week 1😉! The 'speed' couch25k+ podcast is great for intervals too - with lovely Laura 😊

Nicky04 in reply to skysue16

I am afraid my "fast" is what many others deem "regular" :D I haven´t even come close to running 5k in 30 mins :D

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Nicky04

I don't think I will ever achieve 5k in 30 mins!

Thanks for your comments! I really get a lot of energy from this community. I am looking forward to tomorow :D

Last year it took me 5 months to complete the 9 week programme. Sometimes I had to do some podcasts more than three times. Many more times :)

My speed needs improving - I can do 3 km in 30 mins, so it looks like I will have to get MUCH faster :( I plan to use my watch (Amazfit) to check the speed during intervals, aiming for 10 kmph. And somehow I will make it work. This is just the very beginning of my new career as a 5k runner :D


I haven't used C25K for intervals - though I have thought about it.... but one thing I've found (and I suspect many others too) is that if you up the distance a bit, your 5K time may well improve too. My first Parkrun was just under 40 minutes, I'm now at the point 9 months later where I can do the same course 5 minutes faster - and my best time for 5K (achieved during a longer, flatter training run) is more like 32 minutes.... Once I've done my 10K (race planned for November) I intend to throttle back a little and look to improve the 5K time some more, but I'm still intending that there will be the occasional longer, "easy" run - probably 6-7K - if nothing else it helps psychologically when you're partway through the 5K because you know you can complete it with something still left in the tank!


I can't say I tried that, sounds a good idea though. I rather like the C25k speed podcast....


I did try this, but didn't get much further than week 2, after that the runs get too long for me to keep up a sprint. Like JuJu, I like Speed, but sometimes I do week 1 as you get a couple more intervals, and longer recovery breaks. Let us know how you get on.

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