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I miss Laura

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There is something really nice about having Laura encouraging you as you are running and I miss her!! I tried the stepping stones podcast which I found very annoying with all the interruptions - are there any recommendations for anything similar to C25K for longer runs?

On the plus side I did my longest run yet today at 7k and felt like I could have kept going for at least another 1k so pretty happy with my post C25K progress

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Stepping Stones is a weird one.I ended up doing what I felt was a weird dance shuffle in it trying to adjust to pace... but have you tried the C25K+ podcasts, Speed and Stamina... they are great fun and really do improve your style ( well they did for me )!

I used them after graduating and still do..as do many of us, on their own or as part of other runs... Stamina is a great 35 minute run..from when I started using it, my style improved and despite the pace control, I was covering more distance! Speed is great... for a fast 3K... brilliant... as part of another run.

Then.. are you building up to 10K? Many of us used the Sami Murphy podcast.. ( I tried another first, but the 'little bunny rabbits' in the podcast annoyed me ! )

ju-ju- did a set 10K programme on here too .. check that out maybe?

5K is my solid favourite once a week run.... 7K was my magic number to reach after Graduation.. 10 K just followed.. but I love a snappy 3K when I am on form...:)

Well done you... 7K and some left in the tank.. time to choose something to move you on, definitely... :) Bridge to 10K podcast sounds the thing, but if you have not tried the other two C25K+ podcasts.. give them a go :)


I'm also a Stamina fan. (Also find Stepping Stone a bit weird). In fact I ran Stamina on a loop during the Brighton HM the other week and it really kept me going. Though I did start talking back to Laura, the 4th time she suggested "an invigorating fast 5 minutes".

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I agree with the others. I do find it difficult to keep to the timing in stepping stones but did try going up hill at the beginning of the podcast and it was easier to keep pace with the music. I prefer speed and stamina. I try to use speed once a week and stamina is great for increasing distance - I just run through the cool down walk and continue if I feel up to it. It sounds like you are doing very well, 7k up to 10k will happen naturally by just increasing your long run of the week a little each time. Best of luck


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