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Physio appointment yesterday.

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Posted this in S&F as well

Since Novemeber last year I have had a bit of a niggle in my back (sacroiliac joint) and went to see my doc. She suggested a physio appointment and that came through a couple of weeks ago. After seeing the physio, she suggested a class for me. The upshot was yesterday I had my first session of Hydrotherapy.

I got to Guys hospital and was directed down to the basement. There I got into my swimming costume and into a warm pool. It was like the baby pools in the gyms, it came just above waist height and was warmer than a normal pool with a bar around the edge. Then I did half an hour of walking, striding, squats and swinging my legs about. Half way through I thought mmmmm not doing too much here but I suppose it will make some difference.

I had been told my glutes and core were a little weak so that was what we were working on.

Left the hospital and got on The bus home. Stood up to get off the bus and my legs and core felt like jelly. I couldn't believe the sort of workout they felt like they had had. Today I can feel an ache deep in the glutes, which is really good as that's exactly where I wanted to start to build up.

It's got me thinking has anyone got any experience of aqua aerobics? I'm wondering if that would do the same sort of job once I'm finished with my physio session as I'm really impressed with the way it works your body and have in the past felt that aqua aerobics was a soft option, but now have a new view on it. I'm looking to get a new gym membership in a couple of months and might look for one that has aqua aerobics now.

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Not a soft option although I think you can make it one. My Dad does several sessions of aquafit a week and he really goes for it, whereas some other members of the class take it more gently/less seriously.

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RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to GoogleMe

I think that's the thing I was missing, you get out what you put in and with that I think it's probably a really good workout.

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Well done Rfc.. hopefully it is going to be helpful.:)

I used to go for an Aqua Aerobics class one evening a week, before I retired.

It was brilliant.. and as you say.. you work much harder than you imagine. We did exercises holding on the side of the pool.. I recall the leg ones were strenuous, even in the water..lots of arm work too, using no leg movement and vice muscles in my tum always felt it afterwards...and then group work and individual tasks... always finishing with a free session at the end, to just swim..

I loved it though, as it was really good fun.

I did, funnily enough, meet up with an old chum last week ,who asked me if I still swam and so was looking to start this class again, and...they do one in the day now.. which will suit my retired state! It was a Ladies only class which it isn't now apparently!

The Uttoxeter Leisure Centre has had a massive revamp and is v posh now... after reading your post, I think I may give it a go!

Hope the hydro therapy helps you and maybe let us know if you go for the Aqua aerobic class? :)

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RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

I'm sure the hydrotherapy is going to be good, hehe maybe it will help me get that pesky 10 seconds. Let us know if you go and what you think as crosstrainung for running.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Realfoodieclub

Will do :)

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That's really good to know RFC. They run these classes at my gym so after your experience I'm definitely going to give it a go. Thanks a lot 😊

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RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Let us know, may be it can help you, you don't have to wear orthotics for it . 😀.

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IrishprincessAmbassador in reply to Realfoodieclub

Good point 😊

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Hi RFC. Aqua classes are really good provided you have an instructor who knows what they are doing, and you put the effort in. It's very much you get out what you put in, and some participants just drift around and don't really bother. Many gyms will offer several sessions a week, often with different instructors. It can be a case of trial and error to find a class with the right sort of focus and intensity for you. I find it's best to find an instructor who does a lot of leg resistance work, not necessarily the ones who do the most aerobic work (you get plenty of that with running).

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RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Coddfish

Thank you that's good to know, maybe I can pay to have a go before deciding which gym to go to.

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It sounds fab! It just shows how much it had worked your muscles 😀

I am going to ask my OH to buy me a gym membership for my birthday or Christmas. i fancy the pool, Pilates, yoga and spinning. Never done that 😀

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