Another 10k, a good run I think!

After my rubbish short 3k run on Sunday hubs said he would come out on my 7k run today, yes a running partner yippee! He slowed his pace for me and we were doing really well at 4 miles so he said we should follow the 10k route and stop when we felt we needed to. I was good, my weak ankle had ached but improved so the challenge was on. I used my mantras 'keep calm and keep going' and 'power like a panther ' (thanks ju-ju) and they worked! We got to about 8k when I had to stop for traffic. When I stepped off the curb I misjudged it and I twinged my ankle and SI joint, arghh. But I kept going as hubs was off and caught him up. At 9k he was done but I couldn't not to the 10k, it was only around the I did it again in 1hr 04. I have now got to see what damage I have to my ankle and SI joint......damn those high curbs.

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  • Yay, well done for completing the run. That is great! Hope your joints are ok, let us know how you feel later in the day and tomorrow, please.

  • Fantastic run, well done! 👍🏼😀

  • Oh I hope your ankle is ok.

    Well done on a good run😀

  • I have taken lots of ibuprofen so ankle and SI joint feeling OK but will see tonight when it wears off how things are. I may have been lucky......

  • fingers crossed for you.......

  • Well done on the run. How's the ankle today?

  • My ankle is stuff but OK. My back which took the jarring through my SI joint and coccyx is very stiff but pain free. However the painkillers give me stomach ache and I am walking around like I have lost my horse lol. Dearest daughter wants me to do parkrun with her tomorrow morning....she is 6! Mmmm we shall see!

  • Hope you aren't too broken.

  • O well done hope that ankle is ok!! 10k wow good on you😊😊😊

  • Well my daughter and I are all dressed ready for parkrun. We will see how I am today. My back is sore but that is all. It will be a slower parkrun with my 6yr old but 5k is 5k fast or slow!

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