New Year - New Shoes!

New Year - New Shoes!

So here is my Christmas present from hubby - lovely running shoes! This time last year when I was just a few weeks into C25k I thought about getting some proper running shoes but instead set myself a goal that if I was still running in January 2017 I would get a pair of new shoes in the sales. So I continued to run in a pair of shoes a friend had given me. ALL year I continued to run and was loving it. So today was the day that I realised my goal and was rewarded not only with a great feeling of achievement but also a rather lovely pair of shoes!

A gait analysis didn't show up any issues so I was advised to get a neutral shoe. I run on a variety of surfaces so opted for a trail shoe. I tried on three pairs but preferred these - Asics, Gel Fuji Attack 5 (I wonder how they come up with names for the shoes?!). They felt good on the treadmill at the shop and I love the colour! Looking forward to trying them out for real later in the week. Happy running everyone.

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  • Wow. These are great! Happy running. :)

  • So sassy! A great present!

    I think they look like very speedy running shoes.. Madge50 had some sassy Asics too... they are very impressive!

    I was dithering, as to whether to treat myself... hmmm I think I need to, to keep up with you!

  • Oh go on - you know you deserve it!

  • I do, don't I ? Thanks youxxxx

  • They look fab, happy running! πŸ˜€

  • Ooohhhhh! They are lovely, 😍 Lots of happy running to come in those πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ


  • Those are terrific! Many happy running miles xxx

  • they are lovely Sue! enjoy :)

  • Very nice. I love my ASICS. Mine just died last week so I had to get some more too. I wish ASICS wouldn't keep changing the fit. I had to get a completely different size. I got 2 pairs this time, Gel Cumulus 18 which are great for a neutral foot and FluidFlyte which are so light and very funky colour-wise. Enjoy those snazzy new shoes!

  • 'Fluid Flyte', another interesting name! Haven't had time to try them out today so plan is to try them tomorrow morning, in the forest.

  • Great shoes and a well deserved reward Skysue.

    Hope you have lots of great runs in them. XXX

  • Thank you Jan! They feel different, not as wide I think, compared with my old ones (which have probably stretched!) so I hope they will be ok.

  • Did you go up a half size or one size from your normal shoe size?

    I went up a half so I could lace them tightly, my old ones my toes went a bit numb in when I got warm, so I laced them loosley.

  • Yes, they are half a size bigger than my usual shoes. I will not tie them too tightly and see how they feel.

  • Cor! They are gorgeous! ☺️ Have fun in em πŸ˜ƒ

  • Yes, I must admit I was swayed by the colours and look of them!

  • Lovely - colour is an important consideration.

  • Great shoes, enjoy running in them in 2017.

  • Thank you I will - starting tomorrow!

  • They are awesome πŸ˜€ Hope you have many happy miles running in them πŸƒπŸ‘ŸπŸƒπŸ‘Ÿ

  • Very nice

    Go and get them muddy!!


  • Yes, already a bit splashed!

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