Reluctantly admitting to a slight niggling pain in my hip :o

I've been on fire with my running, really getting my mojo back, and now this slight niggle has appeared! Do I stop and wait it out? To be honest it was there during the past few runs, but only really at the end, sort of a slight pain behind my knee cap and something vague in my hip, but easily sorted with a bit of post-run stretching. But just now walking to the library I was almost limping because of the discomfort in my hip. It's just on the right side. I'm aware there could be longer-term issues - maybe I need to re-assess my running shoes? But for now I'm thinking maybe I need to admit this is more than a slight niggle and completely withdraw from running to make sure it doesn't turn into anything. Also, next week I have loads of walking coming up at Glastonbury, really don't want to be limping! Oh no! :( But in addition - no more running this week means no more running for the best part of 2 weeks - as I'm not one of those superhero runners who run round Glastonbury despite no showers and major muddiness...

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  • Any chance of getting to a physio, Ruth?

  • As in an independent professional? I'm realising now might be a good moment to register with a GP in my new area...

  • Trouble is, if you go to a GP, if they do decide to refer you to a physiotherapist, you're likely to have a long wait. An independant physio will cost £40-£45 for a consultation, but chances are, you'll get practical help, especially if it's a sports physio. I'm lucky to have one that charges £30 for a good hour.

  • I'll look around... Thanks for giving me an idea of prices - I was worried it would be double that.

  • I just found two physios in my area. I'm making a note of phone numbers to call tomorrow morning - hoping the cost isn't too much. Also, just remembered there's the healing field at Glastonbury which is full of masseurs etc, maybe I can find a sports specialist there...

  • Sounds like a plan! A sports physio will advise you on posture issues and exercises. He'll also be able to assess your flexibility. It's a really interesting process to go through. Reminds me, I must book another session for the next week or two.

  • Is it all going well? I hope you're recovering okay and enjoying your training plan :)

  • Things are going pretty well, Ruth, and I'm really enjoying being part of the local running community.

  • That's great, you're definitely a fully signed up proper runner now :)

  • Some hospitals have a walk in physio facility first thing in the morning. You can just turn up but you would probably need to be registered with a G P. Maybe worth checking webpage for local hospital.

  • Okay... another person suggesting physio... I guess I'm taking a break from running at the very least then. I know there's a walk-in fracture clinic at the Royal London (I know this because I fall off my bike a lot :( ) but I'll investigate walk-in physios - good idea, thanks :)

  • Do you stretch and use a foam roller Ruth? I've had so many aches and pains that literally disappear once I give them a good going over with a foam roller! Obviously a physio will give you a diagnosis but tight muscles can cause a fair amount of pain. Sitting on a tennis ball releases tension in your glutes so again might be worth a try.

    I hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Thanks Irish Princess. Think I'll be looking for rollers and tennis balls and stretches for glutes... I do stretch but maybe need to overhaul my stretch routine. I don't use a foam roller... yet...

  • Another vote for sitting on a tennis ball and also foam rolling your it band. I get sore in my left hip from time to time and it is when my glutes are tight (piriformus I think??). Hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Okay I think I'm following this... So sore hip could be to do with tight glutes? Which I could fix with stretching/rollering/tennis ball method? I haven't got a tennis ball or roller but could improvise/buy something as necessary. It's encouraging to know it's a known type of pain, and easily reversible, hopefully!

  • If it is, you will be able to feel the trigger points when you poke/apply pressue in to your glutes! This is the area you would need to work on freeing up with the tennis ball!

  • Hi Ruth I have also been getting some left hip pain (in bed at night - not when running) Turns out my piriformis is really tight so I have been doing some extra stetches, and it has definitely improved. May not be the whole answer for you, but worth a try. Fingers crossed!

  • What sort of stretches have you been doing? Last night I tried lying on my back and bending my legs up towards my chest, each one in turn, felt like it was stretching something helpful.

  • I had hip pain and physio gave me exercises for hip. Best one for me was where you lay on your back feet floor (knee bent), Then cross one of your legs over the thigh of the other and left the bottom leg up.

  • Okay that makes sense, I'll give that a try for sure!

  • This was absolutely the right thing, thank you. When I do it with my right leg over the top, I can feel the exact point stretching out in my poor right hip. I hope your hip is better, so good to know this is something I could potentially stretch out.

  • Glad it helps!! I think I will always have tight hips, but no pain now thankfully. I have a range of stretches I do daily to help prevent reoccurred.

    Another good stretch (yoga move called "cow face fold") is to sit (like cross legged) but move bottom leg so knee is aligned with your centre (belly-button) but on the floor and then stack your other leg on top. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed and gently lean forward - you should feel it!

  • Okay, sounds like a challenge! I'll definitely give that a go. I'm thinking hip stretching exercises need to become a permanent part of my routine too, great to hear you've beaten the hip pain long term :)

  • Another stretch is to sit at the edge of a chair and cross your right leg over the left in a letter "4" so your right ankle is resting on your left thigh. Then, gently push your right knee down while bending forwards. You should feel a stretch in your right glute. Repeat on the other side.

  • Thank you IP! That sounds like something I could do during the day at work even. Will def give it a go :)

  • I have been doing these, you can also do them seated.

  • I have been doing these, you can do them seated too


    try these. you c an do them seated too.

  • I am trying to post a link,,,,,grrrr

  • I think 2 weeks off sounds like it has come at an opportune time if you are feeling it. Walking should be ok but you won't be doing miles at once (as in hiking mileage )will you?

    Two weeks off might be just the tonic your body needs ☺

  • Glastonbury does seem to involve quite a lot of walking, all the more motivation to rest up before it all begins next Wednesday. It can be a couple of miles just between stages... Yes I know I'm lucky I'm conveniently off running for a week anyway... Also I can always oil the cogs with a bit of cider if the walking feels hard going...

  • I would see someone and get a diagnosis of what is actually causing the pain. I am almost certain that I had bursitis a few weeks ago, which I used to have years back from doing breast stroke badly and got triggered this time from "rotations" inflicted on my body during an abs class. (Sit on the floor with legs off the ground and rotate both legs at the same time outwards then inwards, keeping hands off the floor if at all possible).

    Anyway, I suppose what I'm saying is that there are a number of possible causes, so best to find what it is and what should be done.

    Rest seems like a great idea. Sadly, it could well be that fantastic running mojo of yours getting you doing too much at the moment, so do be careful once you get back and don't do too much too soon again. Hope whatever it is gets sorted quickly.

  • Thanks runningnearbeirut. It's not fair is it we push ourselves to great things - running, rotations, the lot! - beating gremlins, excuse-making etc, then our bodies start telling us we've done too much. Thank you for the vote to get it looked at. Those rotations sound like something you could maybe drop in the future... I really want to get back to running asap though. But I'm resigned to some sort of break, and considering getting advice. I will report back if I do...

  • I sit out of those evil rotations and if I get glared at too much by the trainer, I make a couple of feeble attempts, but nothing at all vigorous.

    Hope you get your hip sorted soon :)

  • This may sound stupid, but consider your running route. I run along the side of a hill that has a slope to the left, rather like a cant or camber, so when I run my left side is fully stretching, but my right stays slightly bent at all times. I found by reversing my route every other time, my hip pain has disappeared (for now, touch wood).

  • That's a good point, not stupid at all, I could consider doing my route anticlockwise. I hate it when there's a camber. That being said, I've been adapting to some generally very uneven terrain since moving 3 months ago, that could be a factor...

  • Thank you for all the advice! Here's what I've decided. I'm going to stretch, massage, possibly roller, and aim to abstain from running until after Glastonbury. Then when I get back I will assess things, and decide whether to see a physio, get a proper gait assessment and new shoes, or see my doc. So I've officially consigned myself to the IC for now, but I'm keeping busy, doing a few exercises at home, riding my bike, and I will spend most of next week dancing, so maybe it doesn't really count as being on the IC :)

  • Sounds like a plan! God things coming up with Glastonbury- hope you enjoy it👍

  • Ruth, these niggles hang around for a while then go, hope it just that, I've had the hips & inner thigh & knee niggle, make sure you stretch correctly for those areas, good luck!😊

  • Thanks for the reassurance, I'm definitely incorporating some hip-focused stretches now!

  • At a recent race the warm up man took us through the various exercises, one of which was hip swings. I had never done them before but I have done them ever since ☺

  • That sounds pretty mad. I bet there's a youtube video for it. I'll look it up. Although not sure whether you're recommending them or warning me against them! :)

  • Most definitely a recommendation. Easy and can be done anywhere ☺

  • This thread is full of great advice for someone with a hip niggle. And I am afraid that someone is me...

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