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Marathon training trials


I feel really glad that I completed 15 miles yesterday in under 3 hours. I was a bit fazed as had my daughters 11th birthday party on Saturday…with 9 screaming excitable 11 year olds, and 2 for a sleepover..

I did the Bristol to bath cycle path. My plan was to run to the station, get the train to Bristol, run the path , then a friend would meet me in Bath and return me home again… However this didn’t go quite to plan- the things that went wrong include:

Trains all cancelled, had to get the bus and run extra to get to the start.

IT rained A LOT and I was soaked within 30 minutes

My phone DIED at 10 miles and it was at 32%

I had no way of contacting my friend so I had to improvise

My friend eventually found me in a heap in the Apple shop charging my phone ( that was how I improvised)

We ate lunch at a v cold vege café ( she is a vegan) and I was in wet clothes…. By this point I was really really cold

When I reached 15 miles I still wasn’t at the end of the path but I just couldn’t run anymore so had to walk about 3 miles to get to Bath ( fast walking)


Jelly babies

SIS tab in Camel

Crème egg as treat at the finish

Learning for next time:

Go home as soon as I have finished OR have a clothes bag stashed somewhere…

Get a better phone AND take out a battery pack so I can charge en route. My husband has a solar powered one I could wear like a hat!!!!

Plan my route better and don’t rely on public transport!

Big hurdle for me as longest run since my marathon last April… 17 miles next in 2 weeks’ time….

Happy Panthering


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Good on you. You got your 15 miles in. Sometimes, I could swear that these things are sent to try us.

I'm considering buying a £20 non-smartphone for running - the type we all used 10 years ago. The battery always lasted at least a week, and they are a fraction of the size of the current smartphones. If I fall over and smash it or it gets soaked with rain it's only £20 down the drain instead of a few hundred. I only want something that will let me phone home in an emergency. I know that it will be a new number but I can run it on pay as you go for coppers and it will stop me trying to read irrelevant work emails when I'm running.

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That is such a good idea, my flipping iPhone is a nightmare!!!! I could then just use a little iPod for my music.... I love it, my iPhone has water damage too as it's impossible to keep it dry on really wet runs...

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Next time you travel through an airport, pick up a stash of those ziplock bags for your toiletries. Then, pop your phone in one anytime you take it for a run. Keeps all the moisture off, stops you from checking emails whilst you're out, but a b****r if you need to answer the phone in a hurry.

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It's a good plan Adam. I carry one on my runs now (and with me on my motorbike). You just have to remember to make a short call now and again or the money on the phone seems to disappear.

Well done on your 15 miles! Brilliant 🎉🏃🏻 sounds like a lovely route despite the problem phone! I would've felt a bit lost. I hate failing technology mid run, my phone had low battery on a trail run up on Stanage edge so rather than carry on I turned back, didn't think it was worth risking. My friend keeps a flask of hot chocolate in her car in winter to have on her return, that sounds appealing even in summer! 😃

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That is a good idea re the flask... And I don't blame you re your phone. Where I was is fairly built up and populated so I wasn't scared just needed to find a way to contact my friend!!! And Thankyou 😀


Blimey JJ, that was a really hardcore run. Hope you haven't suffered any after effects from getting so cold and wet - I'd be in bed for a week after an experience like that. I am, as ever, amazed at your strength of purpose and singlemindedness. Very well done, Panther Lady. Good luck with the 17miler xx

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A www Thankyou... I warmed up by the fire at home and I sat at my desk with a blanket on my knew at work much to everyone's amusement! I'm okay now, hoping to run tomorrow morning 🤗

But would the solar powered hat have worked in the rain.........

Brilliant run BTW. I also carry a cheap phone (old one of hubby's) as i don't want to take my smartphone out with me in all weathers.

Quite a run, you will nail your marathon. On top of a birthday party/sleepover you really are tough :-)

Other half and l backpacked the coast to coast a good few years ago and all but the first and last day were in pouring rain. I don't think we, or the tent, dried out the whole trip! Anyway one lunchtime we we stopped at a cafe and after being looked over in our bedraggled state were 'allowed' to sit and eat in a lean-to round the back! At least you were allowed in, shame they didn't have the heating on. Hope you've recovered - and warmed up now.


Well done Ju, Blimey what a mare !

Still, you bossed it ! I keep my phone in one of those ziplock little freezer bags when its raining . Its a bit of a faff but it keeps it dry mainly.

Youre made of strong stuff Panther Lady ! What an inspiration xxx


15 miles is brilliant - well done ☺

What a litany of horrors Juju! Amazingly, you pulled through, as you always do. But you are right - you mustn't get cold and sit in wet things after a run - that sounds awful. So if I were you I would drive around the SW planting cheap primark warm clothes in various locations. Bury them in fields, hide under rocks - that sort of thing. Then all you have to do is avoid people seeing your pants and bra as you strip off in a field or high street to change into your "secret" clothes! Simples....

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"seeing pants and bra"

Commando, surely????


Wow thats quite a distance juicyju, and with those set of circumstances you did brilliantly to complete it! 😊

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