Another 8k, but no mid week run

Another 8k, but no mid week run

The good news is I've done another 8k run today, but bad news is that was the only run I did all week, and I definitely felt it. The run generally felt more hard going esp after the 5k point. I know I need to do at least 1 midweek run if not 2, but I'm still getting my routine sorted round my new job. I was thinking about this on my run just now as I find once I'm out running the excuses melt away. I think my biggest barrier at the moment is that I just haven't found a way to run after work yet. Not that I'm short of ideas. I think this week I'm going to try to definitely run one eve. Maybe Mon eve :)

Walking back now, but when I get home I'll post a map of today's run like Daisyrun did. Then you'll see hopefully how long a walk I've got back to my start point! My route is a proper loop. Again starting at Bow Roundabout then up the canal to the Olympic Park. Then its a left turn along the south border of Victoria Park, past sloe trees, boat people breaking up crates for firewood, then eventually reaching the Regents Canal where I turned left again, this time heading all the way down to Limehouse Basin. Then I rejoined the Lea heading back north towards Bow again. My Stone Roses best of was still playing but Endomondo announced I'd run for 1 hour at that point so I stopped there. Legs are so tight, mid-back feels stiff, but breathing's okay. Hoping to complete the full loop and not have such a long walk home some point soon, but this was my lot for today :)

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  • You're doing brilliantly Ruth. I've no doubt you'll do the full 10k soon, you're on a roll πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Ancient Mum, still making slow progress, but the number of kms is getting steadily more impressive :)

  • Nice one Ruth. And lucky you to be able to run around such landmarks. Make sure you stretch and use a foam roller for those legs. Your body will thank you for it!

  • Thanks Irishprincess :) I did a whole load of stretching - way more than usual. I also do lower back exercises before bed now. Never been near a foam roller though... might need to investigate!

  • Well done, Ruth - looking good!

  • Thanks Steve_L - hope you're keeping busy on the IC - you'll be running again soon enough though :)

  • Hoping so, Ruth. I've got another session at the osteopath tomorrow morning, then an induction session at the fitness room I get access to through the club. It's definitely improving, though it's hard to tell how long before it's ok to run on. I've gone a week without a run now!

  • Well - I kind of went a week without a run last week just through disorganisedness. You'll be fine, and silver lining is you'll get some new exercise habits now through the induction session. Hope osteo goes well. I wonder if they'll do acupuncture again! I'm terrified of injury - maybe one of the reasons I go quite slow... overcautious perhaps!

  • Well done Ruth !

    That looks a brilliant place to run, fantastic ! xxx

  • I've been running up and down the right hand part of it for ages. But today was the first time I turned left towards Victoria Park. I've tried to work out before whether the whole loop is 10k. There are ways to slightly expand it if I need to to make it my 10k route when I get there. There's no roads to cross, no need to stop at any point, a great route, a sort of loop of interconnecting canal paths and bridges. I know I'm lucky to have this :)

  • Hi Ruth, when I am short for time I go out for a short but fast run, say 2k max but as fast as I can. I find if I don't run in the morning it won't happen. I just set my alarm clock 30 minutes early, run, eat breakfast whilst cooling down afterwards, shower and then get on with my day.

  • Thanks Coddfish great advice - yes even 2k + quick shower would be good, def better than no run at all. But I think one of my problems is that I live in a pretty basic flat with no shower. I'm happy to do a sink wash in the summer but at this time of year it's too cold so it always has to be a bath which takes 10 mins to run, then 10 mins to wash & dry and another 5-10mins to get dressed etc. Now I write it here it doesn't sound like a great excuse to be honest - I wonder how much quicker it really would be in a flat that had proper heating, shower etc... I must try to find one of those at some point! Also I blame whoever invented the 'snooze' button! But I have managed one mid-week run so far this week so it's not all excuses excuses :)

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