First post on B210K - first 8k

It looks like I'm slowly building up to 10k. I'm enjoying the longer runs I've started doing since getting 5k under my belt, especially now I've relaxed a bit more about my pace/breathing etc and started listening to my own music more. I'm only running twice a week at the moment because of time pressures from my new job, but have increased my cycling to compensate (i.e. cycling to and from work), and am fitting in a 5k mid-week and a longer run at the weekend. Today's 8k was amazing, very very cold, hands were freezing until about 10-15 mins into it. But there were loads of runners and cyclists out, some dog walkers or couples with kids, the rare sight of narrowboat residents scavenging for firewood - not often that much around at such an urban end of the canal, but recent winds have helped there, lots of willow twigs looking like perfect fire-building material. I truly felt away from the city. Got down to Limehouse Basin, ran round it, then back up to Bow Roundabout. There were loads of bridges going round Limehouse Basin as there's loads of docks and canals going in and out of it, so I slowed at that point, but it was good respite and I felt fully ready then for my journey back homewards. My overall time was 58:22, my fastest lap was 06:43min/km, my average pace was 7:18min/km. This was a really good run, am still feeling great. I've done extra stretches to make sure I recover properly, plus a long hot bath. Looking forward to next weekend's long run, maybe another 8k before I build up any more. Hope everyone else is enjoying this crisp sunny Sunday too :)

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  • Well done, Ruth! It's good to see that you're still progressing. I'm sure it won't be long before you do your maiden 10K! I'm going to be running in your neck of the woods in three weeks - the Olympic Park 10K.

  • Thanks Steve, I know, I'm hoping to see your run if I can. Will let you know. Yes I think 10k is in sight for me now, but still taking it easy, gradually increasing, not all my runs are this fast or easy to be honest, but overall things are def improving. Lots of work to do still but enjoying it :)

  • Well done, it must feel brilliant. Sounds like a great run.I am aiming for a 10k in March and have only just started increasing my distance on one of three runs a week. Did a little over 6k yesterday and felt so good about it - can't wait to be hitting 8k but am also very committed to taking it gradually! Are you training with a specific event in mind?

  • No I don't have anything in mind. I'm a bit put off by the entry costs but will shop around perhaps - what's your 10k event? I'm still surprised to be doing these longer distances and have only done one parkrun, so feels like early days to be considering an event myself... I've been building up slowly too, finished c25k in May but didn't really get a grip on 5k til August, but it's def got easier since then. Good luck for your gradual approach too :)

  • The Richmond Spring Riverside 10K in March, hopefully (it's supposed to be nice and flat!) The plan is that it will keep me motivated during the cold winter months if I know I want to hit 10k by March! We'll see...!πŸ˜€

  • Sounds like a good strategy! Keep building up gradually - plenty of time til March. Hope Richmond is flat - it seems pretty flat from what I've seen :)

  • Excellent run. Well done.

  • Thanks Daisyrun :)

  • Oooh nice one! And a decent pace too. Well done, you deserve to feel great. It was freezing out today. I wore gloves for the first time because my hands went numb last time I was out and I couldn't use them to open the zip on my leggings! Fumble fumble.

  • Yep I was wondering about gloves - think I might take mine next time too. Good to know others are mad enough to see a bright frosty day and go for a run in it too :)

  • Hot bath everytime KittyKat! I think it's good to try to remember a run in a descriptive way otherwise it all becomes stats. Trying to stop listening out for the lap times on my endomondo app now as well, so as to actually take in the view a bit more too :)

  • But that was beautifully descriptive what you just wrote there, you can totally do it. To be honest I just had the pictures in my head when I wrote this post - picturing the crouching boaties by the windswept twigs and all those bridges round the Limehouse basin - that was probably a km in itself! I love the sound of those Somerset narrow covered footpaths - sounds a bit fairytale - hope your usual routes are just as enjoyable :)

  • Lovely run Ruth! and good pace too :)

    Having been in the UK for the past 10 days and staying in a place not too far from a canal I finally understood what a towpath is ;)

    (and was a bit frustrated as am still on the IC, and would have loved to run there!)

  • Can you walk there? I love going along canals in the city as you don't get interrupted by roads, having to wait for traffic lights etc, it's all just continuous (apart from the odd bridge...) There's also excellent wildlife esp the water birds - coots, moorhens, ducks and swans :)

  • Well done Ruth, that sounds wonderful. It was cold out there today, and my hands were indeed freezing as well, but after 15 minutes they got quite toasty.

    It sounds a lovely place to run !

  • Thanks misswobble - yes I kept checking are my hands warm yet, it took ages! Also when I got back I felt warm but I was really flushed - really created a lot of heat from within! Hope you're enjoying these cooler temps though - I think it helps me run easier if I'm not overheating too much.

  • That sounds like a great run. Building up your distance is a great idea - that's how I got to 10km. I find that the incentive of having a race lined up keeps me dragging myself out in the cold and dark - I'm doing the Winter Run in London on 31st January. I agree that the entry fees can be a bit off putting but in a way that keeps me on track - I hate wasting money!!

  • That's so true - once you've paid that money you're committed! Now I've got to 8k I feel like 10k is possible, so I'm thinking about it. I'm very tight for money though, although am in a new job now, so hopefully things should improve, and if they do this would be a good way to reward myself! Good luck getting ready for the Winter Run :)

  • I'm aiming to do my first 10k on Wednesday in preparation for my first 10k event on New Year's Day. Will see how far I get! I also run with gloves on, my hands get so cold!

  • Oh good luck for Wednesday! I'm thinking of taking gloves next time. I saw lots of runners with gloves on, seems a pretty obvious thing to do!

  • Hi Ruth, what a great post, your run sounded amazing, and very scenic !!

  • Thanks Susie-bourne! :)

  • Well done Ruth, flying along now xx

  • Thanks Curlygurly - I was so stuck before - feel like I've broken through a barrier. But not every run is this smooth-going - I still have my 8 or 9 minute laps from time to time that feel like a struggle, but I still enjoy it. I've learnt that you can't predict when you'll do a good run or when it'll go awry - you've just got to keep going out.

  • Well done! I was sticking to 5K and planned to do that to Christmas but on a good run last week, kept going to 6k and then did this again on Friday. It has been good to extend my distance when the time was right, I think holding back for a while allowed me to recover from C25K. Trick now is not to overdo it!

  • Yep - don't overdo it! I also did that - did a 6k one day - then went back to the 5ks, then a 6 again, then a load of 5ks (actually went back to the w9r3 podcast for ages), then a month later tried a 7, then did some more 5s, but the itch is just always there to maybe try a bit further, you scratch the itch, you run a bit further. I find taking the pressure off myself is key. I try to relax when I know a run won't be as fast or as far as last time, maybe settle for a 4k run, go home, then run again another day. But I really go for it when it's going well and yesterday was like that - I just thought - maybe today I can run for 8k. Hope you can strike a good balance too, and also feel the reward of gradual sustainable improvement, it's got to be enjoyable in the end :)

  • Every time I go out, tell myself it will be fine if I do 30 minutes. When I get to the time, challenge myself to run on to 5k. Only last couple of weeks, went on to 6k a few times. I will still be happy with 30 mins on a bad day though!

  • Even 20 mins is good going - just keep remembering how much of an achievement that week 5 run 3 was! :) Every run counts!

  • Lovely post Ruth ! It's good to read how well you're doing and how much you're enjoying it !

    That's what it's all about isn't it ? Keep at it , you're doing great xxx

  • Great to hear from yuo again Ruth. Sounds like a lovely run - there's something magic about the longer runs where you can get into "the zone" and just enjoy it, isn't there?

    Looking forward to hear if next weekend is just as good (or, dare we hope, even better)

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