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advice please

I have sufferd with a bad wheezing cough for months and was finding it very difficult to breathe after getting flu.. dr gave me inhaler steroids and anti biotics.. is sending me for chest x ray and doing tests to checks for copd lung function.. the inhaler is helping my breathing 2 puffs 4 times a day...does the dr think I have copd or is it just a standard check thanks just panicking now .. (I'm 59 )

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Prior to any inhalers, the first test that you should have had done in the doctor's office is spirometry. No one can tell you what your blood pressure is by listening to your heart or feeling your pulse; similarly, no doctor can tell what your lung function is by just listening to your lungs. Giving inhalers simply for symptoms alone without checking lung function is inexcusable and if your doctor can't routinely do this test in his/her office, first to establish a diagnosis, then to follow your response to therapy, you should see a doctor qualified to diagnose and treat respiratory illness. I suspect that if you were given inhalers without spirometry first that your doctor also doesn't understand the optimal techniques how to use inhalers...good luck

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I wouldn't bother asking on here, its no longer a dedicated OB forum apparently, so misleading.

Take a look at the profile, under 'about' when did this happen?


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