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Annoying cough

I have obliterative bronchiolitis and I'm on dialysis. For the past 3 weeks I've had a cough and recently my appetite hasn't been good. Had a chest xray which came back clear. Got blood tests done and there is no infection, just low in phosphate because I'm not eating so good. Have had antibiotics from doctor which haven't helped. I'm at my wits end, it's driving me mad. Seems like I'm throwing everything at it but nothing is helping. My breathing has been varied too

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I have the same disease. The only thing that helps me is prednisone. Before I was diagnosed I was on 60 mil. and weaned down to 2-1/2 mil over a 3 month period while they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me. After having open lung biopsy and finally a diagnosis, I started at 20 mil. and weaned down to 2-1/2 mil. I have been stable on the 2-1/2 mil. of prednisone for 10 months. My doctor is keeping me on it because it is such a low dose. Antibiotics did not help me either. Only the prednisone has helped me. I am on oxygen 24/7 because of the elevation where I live (7000 ft.). At lower elevations I do not need the oxygen. If you have not tried prednisone, you might want to talk to your doctor about it. Hope this helps.


I'm on 5mg of prednisone everyday plus longer term azithromycin 250mg antibiotics. My gp gave me 100mg doxycline antibiotics but they did nothing


I also had Bronchiolitis Obliterans. I was "officially" diagnosed in May 2013 after an open lung biopsy. By December 2013, I was on oxygen 24/7. I was stabilized from December 2013 - July 2016 with the O2, 5mg prednisone, 500mg azithromycin on M,W, F and 1000 mg of NAC (n-acetyl cysteine). I also used Symbicort, Spiriva, and when necessary, ProAir. Unfortunately, decline began rapidly in July 2016 with several pneumothorax incidences and I was placed on the active list for a double lung transplant November 2016. I received my gift of life on January 1, 2017 and will always be grateful to my selfless donor and his / her family. Ask your doctor about adding NAC to your treatment. I give it credit for basically eliminating my cough and extending the "life" of my old lungs. It allowed me a few more years before having the transplant. May God bless you on your journey.

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