Still short of dreath

I am still so short of breath after my last post 4months ago I am finding it hard going up stairs I have to stop half way up I had a bad turn on Monday I was at the top of the stairs and I could not breath my wife came to help me down after a bit my breathing got better I have just been up the docs and got some prednisolone and amoxicillin and another. Ventolini used all mine up I had also booked a c o p d review on Friday I know there are people worse off than me but boy I have have a bad 3 4 weeks do take care and be good ED

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  • Edtongue1,

    So sorry to hear of your shortness of breath.

    What lung issue do you have and how severe? Also, how old are you?

    The prednisone and the antibiotics should help. People with lung issues take a lot longer to get over infections. I have Bronchiectasis w/asthma and it takes weeks to get well again.

    I have learned thru my doctor and this forum, tips on managing my Bx.


  • I have c o p d though smoking from the age of 15 I am now 71 I have not had a cig in over 2 years I was smoking 50 to 60 a day I never had any help apart from my wife and girls but just this 2 months or so it seems to have got worst I am off to the docs again on Friday because the meds I got are just not helping

  • It seems that your copd is not under control. You should see your specialist and discuss other options. Every person is different and react differently to meds.

    Good that you are seeing the dr. Hopefully, he'll be able to get you something that works.


  • Thank you I hope that you are ok this morning I was getting one or to things in the car for the wife and was so out of breath I thought that was it I had to sit out side and slow my breath down I am going to ask for stronger inhalers because what I am taking now is not working I will let you know when I have been to the docs how I got on take care and be good ED