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Short of breath

I have been away for a bit I have had some what of a bad 1or 2months I have been short of breath even just walking a yard or two I have orso had a bad cough Christmas did not go to well we paid for a meal. Out I just could not eat it I have been to the doctors 3times in the last month and hospital I am ok for a bit then it's back again any have any id what I can do to help me breath a little better than I am ED

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So sorry to hear you have had a bad few weeks. I find I need to exercise more when I get short of breath. I really noticed it when I became more breathless after Christmas because I had been inactive over the Christmas period. I am only able to a bit and go to the local gym, as the cold air we've been having makes it worse if I go for a walk, outside. You will find helpful information on managing breathlessness on the BLF website. I hope you feel better soon.