Help very scared and need some advice

Hi I'm new to this but I'm hopping for some help/advise I recently had some test done and I can't really understand the findings they told me in the letter they sent me and I can't get in to see my GP until the end of next week and to be honest I'm completely terrified that it's something serious/very dangerous or life threatening I did manage to show my sisters friend who is a nurse and she told me I had a collapsed lung which just filled me with sheer panic . Could anyone please tell me what these mean as I'm scared stiff is something serious.

Patchy nonspecific ground-glass change/mosaic attenuation is seen with in both lung bases

Some of focal atelectatic changes are seen with in the left lingual

Please help 😢

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  • If you are that worried I would go to the doctors for an emergency appointment. All docs have them. Tell them you will sit and wait to see a doctor. I can't comment on your condition as I'm not sure what it is. Hope all goes well.

  • Yes I had a X-ray and ct scan I'm just terrified it something very serious or life threatening 😢

  • Like Jule's said, ring your GP and say that you want an urgent appointment regarding the results of your c t scan. It's hard not to worry. I have had the same worries as you since April. Its really frightening when you dont know whats happening to you. The GP can explain everything and perhaps will refer you to a respiratory consultant.

    Ebony x

  • Hi ebony every word you said its like your talking for me thank you so much for your advice what is a respiratory consultant And also what treatment are u reviving and do u have they same problems/condition as me and do you think I do need to be referred .

  • A respiratory consultant is a doctor that specialises in lung conditions. They know more about lung conditions than a regular GP. I have had loads of antibiotics and a inhaler since April but now I'm on just 1 antibiotic a day for the next 3 months. I have Bronchiolitis which is inflammation of the small air ways. Your GP will have all the answers for you and yes I think he will refer you to a respiratory consultant. Try not to worry and get that appt sorted asap...


  • Hi ....did you have a x ray?

  • I was just released from the hospital after having a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) this past weekend. If your pain increases, go to the ER. They will need to insert a tube to let the trapped air out and then one to inflate the lung. Don't hesitate in going. The sooner it is treated, the better. I also have "ground glass" scarring in both lungs. After an open lung biopsy in May 2013, I was diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans. It took about a year and a half to receive that diagnosis. I would call my GP and ask to be referred to a pulmonologist. Do so as soon as possible since sometimes it takes awhile before they see you. Otherwise, if symptoms get worse, head to the ER. Hopefully, they will have a pulmonologist on call.

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