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good morning 😊...i was diagnosed with emphysema and bronchiectasis in 2013...i got pip...and motorbility too...now they have decided at dwp after my assessment that ive had some sort of a miraculous cure and scored me zero on everything...mandatory reconsideration was turned down so I sent tribunal forms to the court...they received them on 14/4.16....on the 21/4/16 I received a text message from the DWP telling me I'm entitled to PIP...i rang them and nobody wants to claim ownership of sending me the text...they called me back and told me the message was a mistake...and I've still got to go to court..im dreading it...they are useless..im so upset..its made me feel so much more poorly...they came and took my car yesterday..im now more or less housebound...does anybody know how long the courts take before I have to go...oh gosh I don't even know if I can manage to even get there..ive got nobody to represent me..the cab are inundated with clients..what a mess all this is for everyone...

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Hello there.Β 

If you can get a consultants letter outlining your health issues and send that to the court along with a covering letter explaining EVERYTHING right down to using a hand rail to get upstairs etc. Β The court will make the DWP reconsider. Don't panic if you do have to attend tell them absolutely everything and how you struggle without your car. Apparently they've made the mobility distance from 50 metres to only 20 metres. Get in touch with your local council, ask if they have a benefits advisor.. try not to go alone if you do have to attend the tribunal. Keep us updated.Β 

Ps it could take 6months before they see you. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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Wow dirty dogs, I didn't know they could do that without having you seen by and independent medical person, they did that for me and after 20 mins of listening to their problems I was asked 10 questions and told that was it, no problems after that.