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Some questions on portable oxygen tanks

Hi Everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone could please provide me with some insight into using portable oxygen tanks? It would be greatly appreciated as this is for my final masters project, and I wanted to do a project which could make a difference to peoples' lives.

I'm looking at portable tanks and could do with some stories and experiences that people have had with these portable tanks - along with some feedback on some hypothetical questions.

So for the questions -

How do you currently transport/carry your portable tanks when you are about?

What is the best thing about them, and the worst?

Are there any comments regarding time limitations that such tanks bring may have when leaving the house?

Hypothetically, if you could have a portable oxygen tank that could be comfortably carried and is light and compact, how would you like to carry it? This could be as simple as being on a strap, in a small bag, in a rucksack.

How do you feel when using portable oxygen tanks outside and in public, if anything at all? (I understand this is probably one of the more personal questions here, so don't feel obliged to answer)

I'd really appreciate any answers to this, it would be really useful.

Thank you!

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Without my oxygen tanks I would be totally housebound so they are the key to my freedom of movement. I am 78, have COPD, have been on oxygen for about four years and, at first, was quite embarrassed when people stared at me but it doesn't bother me much now. When I'm out with my dog I strap the cylinder over both shoulders, for short walks, just over one shoulder and of course, in the supermarket, the tank goes in the trolley. I'd love to be able to afford a smaller, lighter, less conspicuous portable oxygen supply but will have to manage with this one for the forseeable future.


That is great insight, thank you for your reply! If I may ask:

What sort of oxygen do you use?

I assume the tank sits in the trolley to ease the pressure of carrying it, however then it would seem that the tubing may take some management when moving from your trolley?

Are there any specific issues that you have with the tanks that you feel should be improved?

Once again, thank you for replying!


With regard to what sort of oxygen I use, up to now I thought that there was only one type, perhaps you'd be kind enough to tell me how many types there are. The tubing is not a problem when I'm shopping because I guide the trolley near to the shelves. The cylinders would be easier to handle if they were lighter but I appreciate that manufacturing them out of a lighter material could make the costs prohibitive so I'm pleased with the mobility and freedom they give me.