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I decided to do the following blog ginaapple.wordpress.com/ on COPD and its symptoms in response to queries I kept getting from many of my COPD friends and the lack of knowledge that there seems to be in how to make the most of your life with this illness. A lot of people just vegetate at home, don't apply for the benefits that are out there and suffer from loneliness and isolation. I wanted to make a difference and perhaps help some people. Obviously the people who are not IT friendly which to be honest is quite a number in the age group over 60 will be more difficult to reach and I am at present trying to set up a Breathe Easy group in our local hospice.

I did not want my Blog to be all doom and gloom and ONLY about COPD, I wanted to have a light hearted side to it so I have included a few other areas into it from my own life and facebook pages.

I am an ex-teacher and mother to 4 children. I started with COPD around 2009. This blog I hope will help promote this illness which effects over 1 million people in the UK today. see British Lung foundation Statistics, Very few people have any real knowledge about COPD and what it is. Most people when you mention Emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis immediately think of cigarettes and that it is a smokers disease, much like sclerosis of the liver is associated with alcoholics. However, you don't have to have a smoking history to have COPD, I smoked, but many have not ever touched a cigarette.

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