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Breathing problems

For the last three days my breathing has been really bad! I usually manage everything I am supposed to manage, shopping, going upstairs, going for short walks, etc. However, in the last three days I have found difficulty in doing any of these things! Went to supermarket yesterday and had to come back out to the car after about ten minutes as thought I was just coming to a grinding halt. I must say that maybe panic has something to do with it and I must get out of that mindset. However, this is where I come when I want answers as there is always someone on here who can help! Many thanks, Juney.

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Hi Juney,

I have noticed that the last two days were difficult for me. Like you I noticed it more at the supermarket. I don't think that the air is very good at the moment felt better when there was some breeze. It could be down to pollution.

Lets see if it has affected others.

Take care



Sorry didn't realise that it was an old post Juney.


That's fine Val. Appreciate your reply anyway. In Qatar just now and heat overwhelming so still having to get on with it! Take care.


Get an O2 meter at drug store for about $35 and it will let you see your oxygen and also your pulse reading. This is the first thing a nurse will check when you go to a doctor. Take it with you so you can detect changes when you feel upset.