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low heart rate

hello im in need of any advice my 5 year old has what we think is a form of central sleep apnea ,his o2 levels drop into low 80,s most nights but can fall as low as 49 % at times ,his heart rate falls every night last night it dropped to 24 beets a min but it hardly goes higher than 60 ,recently during the day his heart has been racing for no reason you can even feel it pounding in his chest ,im being pushed from hospital to hospital as they dont either believe me or know why ,ive taken videos and photos of his monitor to prove it is true,im dealing with on my own his dad isnt intrested and wont have him at night if he has to have a monitor on [even had a recent dr. agree with that saying its not nice for him to be woken up after working all week,i work to but thats ok as im mum is what i was told] im up anything from 5 times to all night im coming to the end of what i can cope with ,im so tired dont no where to turn to get help