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Can anyone give me information on NAC (think it is N-ace-cysteine) and is it worth taking or better to get prescription for help with mucous

from GP. Getting anything from my GP is a work of art in itself as the whole practice seem to have no interest in people suffering with copd. Last time I phoned to see if I could have my antibiotic changed from Ampicillin as it wasn;t doing any good I was met with the response "you don't really want to be having stronger medicines as this will just be one step nearer to oxygen"!!! Think I am going to have to be a lot firmer with that lot anyhow. Look forward to hearing from anyone as I know how helpful the people on this site are. Thanks so much. Juney

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There have been a number of small studies of the affect of NAC on COPD. Some have had some success with it in repairing lung damage. So far they appear to have determined that the doses have to be over about 1400mg to have any affect. Be aware if you take Tylenol or its equivalent NAC will neutralize it.

There are a number of natural herb compounts to help thin out mucous and they are good because they do not appear to have side effects.

Be sure to keep an eye on the color of the mucous, if it is clear or milky colored it may be an indication that your lung inflamation is not under control and you may been to address that. It is the inflamation, the secretions and the coughing that are thought to cause the damage.


Thanks gmcl, have taken note of your comments. I just feel a bit uneasy about taking something I don't know much about and I suspect, from your description of the mucous, that my lung inflammation ISN'T under control. I also suspect that the practice nurse whose speciality is in copd, doesn't really have a clue! Thanks again.