Hi, I am new here, I have COPD and severe back pain. I have just been told I have macular degeneration starting and was wondering about side

Of spiriva, should I just quite taking it? This is scary I am on oxygen but had the machine turned off and went to sleep, in the morning my oxygen level was 96 so maybe I do not need the oxygen at night, I am not to happy with the doctor I have.

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I have taken Spiriva for about 8 years and while it has a few side effects I have not found any serious ones. I find the main problem is that it wears off after afew hours so does not have a lot of effect. If you do not need spiriva to keep your lungs open and clear you may want to talk to your doctor about stopping it. There are a number of competing medications out there and they all have side effects.

On the Macular Degeneration there has been a bit of Stem cell research on correcting the damage that it does and they have had some success so you may want to research that.