Does anyone have a Airnergy ? and if so do they live up to the claims? especially for COPD sufferers!

I'm trying to do as much research as possible into Airnergy,the prices of the units start at £2900 for a basic unit,and go up to £5000. Or Custom made £9000. Even the Basic unit would be a big loss to me,if it proved to be lacking in the performance they claim!

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  • I have COPD and purchased an Airnergy machine (top of the range model) used it daily for 9 months, even took it with me when holidaying in Europe. Sold it as, yes it made me feel a little better but didn't help at all with my COPD. Would I recommend you purchase one- NO!

  • Carlo many thanks for your reply,it is much appreciated. Yes I have suspected,this machine is too good to be true,the warning signals are claims that it practically cures everything.

    Any one else have any good news for COPD suffererers,from using AIRNERGY horendously expensive machines??even a help with longer periods of being able to breath without breathlessnous would be something?

  • I've Never heard of an Airnergy, what is it what does it do.. I am not farmilar with your money I'm from the United States what is E2900 E5000 and so on.. O have COPD I have oxygen and I'm on 5 litters. This keeps me at 95 to 96 on the saturation but as soon as I remove the oxygen and walk to the kitchen my oxygen saturation reads 69. I don't know what level I am my Dr has told me very little very very little

  • I have heard of these machines but I don't know how much is hype. You may get just as many benefits from fan therapy, which is now being used on wards for people with COPD and respitory problems. There is an article in the daily mail which explains more

    The article also explains how COPD patients have low levels of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and that very young broccoli plants may help. They are trialling something called sulphoramine, which contains high levels of broccoli sprouts. Try buying a relatively cheap fan first. :)

  • i was diagnosed with c.o.p.d 3 years ago.Two years ago, I spent thousands of pounds to buy a Airnergy and used 20 minutes every day.My condition did not get any better, progression of the disease is now more serious, had to give up work and have virtualy been a prisoner in my own home. Now think of it, the airnergy company's Web site says is a lie, there are many fake cases.Do not believe any of Airnergy publicity would delay the disease if use Airnergy . Who can help me to improve my condition ?

  • This promotion of a dud machine,making false claims is criminal,not to mention cruel,for sufferers of COPD Lung condition. It's hard to believe there are such nasty money grubbing creatures,on the same planet as us! actually they are not too far removed from the Tobacco companies who have been holding back deadly health issues concerning smoking for at least 40 years.Now they are polluting,3rd world countries,and their people,to make up the shortfall of revenue from the more educated west!

    Please keep your experiences of this Machine rolling in,if we can prevent just one person wasting their money,it will be well worth while! So far there have not been any independantly proven claims of this machine being beneficial for COPD,unlike their literature,which have several recommendations and citations.Most of the advertising blurb,is mumbo jumbo,and defies any understanding!

    Thank you lucybaily,for your post!

  • I spoke to my specialist,and showed her the Airnergy website,at my request I asked her if this machine was any good. She said if the were we would have them on the NHS. Enough said I think.