I found out on Friday last that I have stage 2-3 emphysema.I knew that I had the disease but did not know it was so bad I have suffered from what they now call anxiety since I was fourteen but have lived mostly normal life.I also have a compacted ulna nerve which gave me constant pain for 13 years following a motorbike accident,this has now been sorted by medication as I had one operation which was not a success and another not possible.I am off the smokes 19 days except for perhaps the odd slip but am terrified by the stage 2-3 situation..Dave.

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  • Hi dave. The blf will explains stages.

    What did your constutant say?

    I have had copd for years .

    Do you have much support?

    It is scary when told stages n I wish constultants could be human and say this might or might not happen.

    do have meds or inhalers to take


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