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Please share your Kadcyla experience

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Can anyone on Kadcyla share their experience? Like duration and which stage they were on when they started.

My mom who is stage 4 is starting soon after Herceptin (1 year) Lepatinib (Tykerb) (3 years)

Thank you!

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After having 14 doses of herceptin ,on taking PETSCAN it was found that some nodules were there in the trachea and hence Dr Dua ,the oncologist of appollo hospital advised kadcyla infusion. The stage was the same as in your case. In fact the course of herceptin had adversely effected the cardiac muscle and caused LAWER LVEF. kadcyla infusion is to be taken like the chemotherapy on every 21st day. The advise is to continue till one can withstand the infusion . Having the 89th dose of infusion this weekend. Though there is no adverse effect on the body like the chemotherapy as the infusion progesses will feel the effect. Defenitely kadcyla is very effective as it was started in 2016. Only problem is the cost of the medicine.But the company is helping the needy by free medicine after some doses. Wish your mother complete recovery.

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Nikita1806 in reply to nambiar12

Thank you so much for your response. I am really feeling positive about the medicine after reading your experience and response to medicine. I understand it’s patient to patient, however i would like to be optimistic about it. Yes we have reached blue tree and there are some payment methods along with free life time doses.

Appreciate your response. 🙏

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bga1 in reply to Nikita1806

Hi , Could you please share some info on blue tree and how to reach them ? My mother also suffering from stage 4 MBC and she will be on Ujvira which is expensive.

Thank you

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Nikita1806 in reply to bga1

We got distributers number of roche kdcyla from our oncologist. As per patient program we have to pay for first 6 dose and rest all will be free for life time. Since my mother is stage 4 , its lifetime till the time it stops working. For stage 1 its around one year. They have some program for them as well. Ujivira is much more cheaper than roche. However they dont have any patient program in place.

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bga1 in reply to Nikita1806

Thanks for ur response.

Glad to know that the information was useful. BE POSITIVE always

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to nambiar12

nambiar12 , thank you for your replies here. Not only has it helped the members above who requested for the info, it has also given some insight to me as well. It’s good to know that 89th infusion is on, and all is going fine. It will remain fine, don’t worry. We are all with you.

Thanks for the message. In fact sent the message with the hope that it will be helpful for those who are apprehensive of the kadcyla infusion.

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