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Hi all,

Just joined the group. Wanted to know if there are Cancer Survivor Groups running for women in India.

Looking forward to quality leads.


Chitrangada Singh

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Dear Araadhya

Cancer survivor groups are really important for the purpose of holistic healing for people suffering from cancer. These groups help us share insights with people who are also suffering from the same disease, These groups help the patients vent out the feelings with people who they believe are closer to them because of the disaese. Sometimes they do not share their thoughts with their near and dear ones but feel more free in such cancer support groups. I am not aware of such groups in India but I have a lot of patients of breast cancer who will want to make a support group.

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Araadhya in reply to abhinavmahajan

Yes, definitely agree with you on the importance of Support Groups. It may be possible to form a google group comprising of all the cancer fighters that you know of. Thereafter, google meets can be scheduled with ease for all members.

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