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Is chemo port is necessary?


Sir my mother was burned 22yrs ago now she was suffering with breast cancer after surgery doctors were suggesting to go with chemotherapy around 6cyclics but doctor said to me chemo port will be inserting before starting of chemotherapy is it necessary for that please suggest me thank you

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You should discuss having a port with your mother and her doctor. For patients who have problems with their veins, making them hard to access, a port is needed. Some treatments can also be hard on veins. Some patients just prefer a port. They do make infusions easier. Others are very much against the idea. You need to know your mother’s feelings about the port and whether the doctor has recommended one for medical reasons.

My friends who have ports love having them. Many keep theirs after treatment to use for blood draws. The decision about a port really needs to be made between the patient and her doctor.

Thanks a lot


I very much agree with Pat above.

In your mothers case, since she had ‘burns’ earlier, I believe, veins are going to be difficult. PORT will be a good option. Let her treating doctors decide. They would be in the best position to guide you as to how her veins are, how many chemos etc. based on which they decide Port.

Also. Your mothers case is not of breast cancer (I saw the pathology report, you had posted in another thread but had to delete it as was revealing your privacy since all vital info was there on the report). Your mothers case is one of cancer which develops in a ‘burned’ skin and is a squamous ca. This requires a little different treatment than breast cancer. Once again, it needs a lot of deliberation and it’s best to let your docs decide what is best for her.

You may also like to know and discuss about PICC line insertion with your doctor. It require little more maintenance. If you are living near to hospital and treatment duration is only 6 cycle, it may may be more cost effective and convenient.

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