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Treatment Post Radical Masectomy with LVI and 2 Lymph nodes involved. Will OncoType DX test be useful to asses chemotherapy effectiveness.


My mother 67 years old was diagnosed with BC in right breast, Grade 2, ER+,PR+,HER2-, Ki 67 20%, tumor size 2.8 cm

Had radical mastectomy and right axillary I and II lymph nodes removed. Now have received post surgery, pathology report with impression as below -

Right breast (mastectomy + right axillary level I & II lymph nodes): Invasive ductal

carcinoma, grade 2, 2.8 cm.

Margins are uninvolved by carcinoma.

Lymphovascular invasion is identified.

The second nodule lateral to main tumor mass shows 2 lymph nodes with metastatic

carcinoma. Overlying deep resection margin is uninvoled by carcinoma. Size of largest

metastatic deposit is 12 mm. Extranodal extension is identified.

Right axillary lymph nodes (0/16) are uninvolved by carcinoma.

In light of above observations, with 2 neighboring lymph nodes involvement, does Lympho Vascular invasion pose significant risk in terms of metastasis / recurrence.

Appreciate any suggestions for further course of treatment based on above pathology results. My mother is already terrified with the thought of chemo/radiation therapy.



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Hormone Therapy Benefit 2%

Chemo Benefit 1%

as per NHS Predict v2.0

Radiation is definitely indicated.

in reply to roxboxfox

Thanks doctor, this is encouraging. Have also sent sample for OncoType Dx test and awaiting results.

in reply to pjain

Hello Doctor, We have received OncoType DX results and recurrence score is 1 (One). Based on this score, consulting Onco is ok to skip chemo and planning to start with radiation therapy next week. Assuming radiation therapy is a must irrespective of OncoType DX RS score.

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