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MBC - HER2/ER/PR positive treatment recommendation

My mom is diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. She is around 62 yrs old with HER2/ER/PR positive. There is no spread of virus except for few LN near collar bone. Dr. recommended Total Mastectomy(done) then 4xAC every 3Wkly + 12xPaclitaxel every wkly along with Herceptin every three week with radiation in parallel with chemo therapy.

Please suggest if there is better way of treatment and various medicine brand for AC(not sure of full name) ,taxol and herceptin. Also need guidance on food that help in eliminating cancer virus keeping diabetic type 2(well in control) in mind.

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It would not be possible to comment anything on treatment planning without assessing patient and reports in detail, and which is beyond the scope of this forum.

AC is Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide. Adriamycin and Epirubicin are from same family, some Oncologists give AC and some give EC. Both are similar.

Diabetes is fine as long as it is under control, no issues with chemo.

No asking for second opinions here, please. This forum is for those little tips and tricks and to share experiences and gain from others. On basis of few lines of text, second opinions are not possible and can even be harmful without seeing and understanding patient and all detailed reports.

Just follow the treatment that your Oncologist suggests. If not sure, meet another Oncologist and take an opinion. We wish luck and pray for your mother that she will be fine soon.


Many Thanks Dr. Sumeet.



I can tell you what recommendations available to the breast cancer community say, if you provide the following additional information:

* You say, that she is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, but only a few lymph nodes are affected. That is contradictory. How many LN are affected, and why do you say it is metastatic

* What is the size of the tumor?

* Is it well delineated, and does it infiltrate any bones or skin?

(I may have follow-up questions depending on the answers).

It seems that the treatment devised is right. The timing of Herceptin (Trastuzumab, which you may be able to get more cheaply in India) and AC and the whole after-surgery treatment - please give more details of what is sequential, the durations etc.

You can use my direct email address, kn@curegps.com. I am doing this from Denmark, and I have no particular association with this site. I am an IT guy gathering guideline knowledge, not a doctor myself.

Kind regards,

- Kaare


Your Oncologist has guided you on the right path...for the virus treatment

Please stay on track...there will be hundreds who can influence you to go off track.


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