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Breast Cancer India
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Kind suggestion

Hi this is Sanjeev Jindal,my sister is 33 and she had breast cancer in right part of her breast last December 2017. As soon as it was diagnosed, her 2 nodes affected but all margins are negative. MRM surgery was done for right part of breast and all margins were cleared. Then we came to know it was a triple negative Breast cancer. Moreover, as per doctor, one suspicious lesion with no associated lytic sclerotic was found in left head fumor in PET Scan. All biochemical reports are normal. chemotherapy would be done in coming 3 weeks with TAC (6 or 8 cycles).... Please advice.

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Sanjeevji, we would love to guide you, but we strongly believe that giving opinions based few lines of histopathology and PET report (without reviewing the patient, her entire reports and other factors) is not only incorrect but is potentially harmful as decisions are based not only on the few lines you have mentioned above, but many other factors.

So best we can recommend is, please do follow your Oncologist and take treatment accordingly. If you have doubt, then best is to go for a second opinion by some oncologist in your city and see what the other person says and then take a careful call.

This forum is a support group aimed to provide a platform for patients and care givers to interact with each other; please do share any problems that she faces during chemo and people will guide you. Also, there are lots of useful posts which you can read and may find helpful

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Thanks for replying Sir...

I will post and write if faced any problem during Chemo


Hi Sanjeevji, Just go with the treatment recommended and all will be well, just give your sister the best family support and she will recover fast, God Bless


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