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Pollution again...

My post may ,kind of irritate the experts ,as I am avian worried of same problem viz Pollution.Everyone of us is aware of significance of pollution by now.In our childhood ,(I am 40 yr old now )pollution was actually bookish stuff.In small towns like ours (Sangli)pollution was not so widespread as it is today .It all started with increasing number of vehicles on roads .Now the vehicle numbers increasing exponentially ,has made the pollution starkly visible .I am referring to air pollution .My question is for experts :Can we do something abt it ?Recently one study has shown increase in density of breast tissues in women living in polluted cities.And breast density comes in a way of investigating the breast carcinoma .Such patients with dense tissues may miss the starting phase of breast cancer.Also as per oncologists (which actually happened in my wife's case )dens tissues require more investigations like USG to even screen the cancer.Mammogrophy can give indecisive result .

All these facts worry me.With ongoing rise of pollution ,we are moe and more at risk of developing new cancers.So can a board of Oncologists in India suggests the Governmental (like ministry of heavy industries)and non Governmental bodies (like actual heavy industries,manufacturers of diesel vehicles which are at root of air pollution ) about all this menace and make such recommendations public ?

My question may appear very vague.But I am living in terror with every winter season enveloping the city in thick smog .So I raised this question.

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I don't know the powers in India, but was shocked to learn that our worst days of bad air quality from smoke, soot, and ash during a major fire here in Southern California, USA were not as bad as the air quality in India and China. Sometimes it just takes one person taking up a cause for things to improve. The issue of how air quality affects health is much bigger than the possible effect on women and breast cancer. I hope that you can get several organizations together to take a stand regarding air pollution. Government regulation of the amount of pollution from cars, factories, etc., has made a big difference in the Los Angeles area, but it took time. I hope you can get something going in India!


A very thoughtful topic aroused by u.air pollution can only be eradicated or can bring down by the complete teamwork of we,the civilians and,we r unstoppably cutting our trees for our bungalow,in one family there are more than 2 dis case,what any government can do??

Govt ll never ask us not to buy cars,not to create our homes,not to use refrigerators,or may be,when pollution ll endanger each & every one's life,then govt ll make some strict laws.Already there r some laws,but r we civilians ready to let those laws get implemented??? It is high time now..

Govt has to take some strict action against violation of laws and we must wake up as well.

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