All clear reports

Hi All.

My friend completed one year this month after being diagnosed of DCISin 2016.she went for her follow up and God's Grace, all her reports came normal.I just wanted to share this good news with you all

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  • Very happy to hear that your friend succeeded cancer . may god bless her a very happy and prosperous life ahead

  • Thank you Alekhya.

  • Hi Poorni 123,

    A very heartening news, may your friend have many many more years of fruitful and healthy living, God bless

  • Thank you so much Sidduram.

  • Wonderful! 10 years clear for me, so far, and no evidence of a problem. I hope you will be reporting the same about your friend in another 9 years!

  • Thank you pkenn and wonderful to know about you too!! This is so encouraging.I pray to God every day,that He will give us soon a simple and affordable solution for cancer and other major health issues.And one day,every one will have a happy story to share.Thank you once again.

  • Pkenn, I request you to share with all of us the precautions that you might be following regarding your diet, lifestyle etc .I hope I am not asking for too much...

  • Poorni nice to hear. May God give her good health in the years to come

  • Thank you kontak.

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