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Progressive disease

Progressive disease

My mother has gone through 18doses of chemo (biceltis and abraxane) follllwed by 9 doses of biceltis . The latest scan report (attached) shows further progression of the disease.

Have got 2 different views from doctors

1. Try chemo drug Kadcyla

2. Do tomography and follow up with Chemo

Looking for the right advice. Also can the disease he reoccur so early?


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I can understand your situation, Vineet.

The PET, as you have mentioned, has shown a progression of disease. In such situations, there can be slight difference of opinions amongst Oncologist as to the next line of treatment. One would suggest one, while other would suggest other, and naturally, it tends to get confusing.

We would not be able to help you with exact decision here, since planning of treatment is very individualized and needs thorough evaluation and assessment of all treatment and many other factors. Both the treatments suggested to you are actually correct. You can sit with your Oncologist and try to understand in detail. Else, you can take an unbiased opinion from Tata Memorial Centre, in Mumbai, if you are from Mumbai. In Tata Memorial Centre, there is a system called 'Opinion system', where, you can tell at the registration counter that you have come only for an opinion. They will issue a paper, you can meet the Oncologist, they will assess all the treatments and investigations till now and will give their opinion as to what can be done next. It will take only a day. Think about it.

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