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I would like to share the bad experience to the st clements surgery.

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and currently taking meds for 5 years.

I just moved in to the area and most of the services provided were poor since registering and i am not happy with it. To make the matter worst, my meds were running out and obviously I phoned them to prescribe me new ones. I had to wait hours before reaching them. Then finally got hold with them, explained my situation and a doctor i talked to said my medicine will be ready in 30 minutess to be collected at boots cowley. I sent my daughter the following day to make sure its all ready by then however there was no prescription has been done. I called them again few times the next day and they said they do it right away and make it as urgent and will be able to get it soonest. At boots i went and nothing to be collected. Totally pissed off as alot if time now wasted. I had enough and i went to surgey myself. I explained everything what happened to one of the staffs there and I saw the prescription made yesterday was still on the desk not yet signed off by the doctor. What are they doing ? Please colaborate with the team. I am not happy at all. I hope this will be addressed with your next meeting. Please!

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I believe this has something to do with NHS in the UK. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you. You can take it up with the authorities there.


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