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2 chemos done... 10 to go

My mother has taken the first 2 chemo (weekly)well. She had a bit of weakness till 2 days after chemo otherwise she is doing well. She is involved in household activities and continuing her morning walk. Will keep the forum updated.

How do we know whether my mom is making progress or not? Do we need to wait for 3 months or we can know in between?

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Hii vineet, as you mention in other post dr. will review the progress after 3 month so in that case you have to wait for 3 month there is no other option but if there is any other complication they can perform the test earlier also...i wish all will be fine..have faith in god...


For weekly chemos,it is normal to give a break of 1 week after 3 chemos for body to recover.Her WBC would fall sharply& it is advisable not to go to crowded places.It is good to walk& do household work.Monitor her blood pressure regularly & whenever she is not feeling well.Some patients develop sepsis which can lower blood pressure drastically.This may require hospitalization.But any time such things happen,keep some salt handy& also sweet lemon water handy& give her immediately before moving to hospital.

If she is comfortable, she can have ginger tea in the morning.During day time she can have home made curd as chemo destroys friendly bacteria in body.This will help her in overcoming nausea.She should take vegetable soup to restore platelet levels.Paneer will help in regenerating WBC.


Hi Vineet! Glad to hear your mother is not having much problems with her chemo so far. As I had written earlier the weekly regimen causes less problems. Only be careful about hygeine so that she does not catch infection. Your doctors would know if she is responding to treatment by feeling the lesions in the breast. However as far as the liver is concerned it can be known only through scan which cannot be taken very frequently. If she has symptoms which decline then that is also a positive sign. Take care.

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Hi Vineet,

Good to hear that she is keeping active. My mother has completed 11 cycles and 1 more to go. She will go through the scan after completion of the full course. Be patient and wish your Mom all the very best.


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