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my wife was diagnosed for grade 3 breast cancer in her left breast and his left breast was removed on 12/11/2014. presently she is getting radiotherapy cycles started on 23/12/2014. she is doing exercises as told by doctor some by only left arm and some with both arms. now she is feeling pain in her right shoulder also. is this due to exercises or radiotherapy has some effects on whole upper portion of the body. please help or we should consult our doctor.

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Hi rj372 - welcome to the forum. very sorry to hear about your wife. Regarding the pain I don't think exercise should be a problem. Due to surgery the whole body gets exhausted. Lets wait for Dr Sumeet and Rohit's help


Radiotherapy has no such effects. Do gentle exercises dont over do things.

This pain will settle spontaneously.

Nothing to worry about.

continue with u r Radiotherapy.

May take Paracetamol as and when needed.


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