Breast Cancer India

Need your help to let more people know of this forum

I do hope all of you find this forum useful. I am sure, many more would also derive benefit here, getting to know so many women who have themselves undergone the journey of breast cancer. It's just that they do not know such a forum exists.

The single most important feeling that a breast cancer patient goes through, is that of loneliness. They feel like the 'rest of the world' and 'me'. Especially after diagnosis. This is the time, knowing many more women who have either completed treatment of same, or who are undergoing the treatment, is of a beautiful help and gives a moral support like no other. The other time, a good support is needed, is while undergoing chemotherapy. And to form such a support group, was the main reason behind starting such a forum.

My request to all of you is, let more and more people know about this forum. Let them know about you all. Please share this forum's address with your friends and let them know. If you get your hospital's support (where you took your treatment), you could even request the concerned authorities or sisters to pass this on to patients. If you have someone who can write an article in newspapers, you can request them, that when they write something on breast cancer, they can mention about our forum there. We do not want any names to appear at all.

I am sure, many many people, walking on the path of breast cancer, either themselves, or with their family member, will find your support helpful. They will find a support in you all, which they will never be able to find around them. And it matters a lot! They will always know, that someone out there, is there to help them in need, to listen to them. It's just that they do not know that such a forum with people (having faced breast cancer) from different parts of country, supporting each other, exists.

It is my humble request to help our forum here.


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