SPAM messages. Post here

SPAM messages. Post here

Of recent, we have been getting a new spammer every few weeks. Anyone, who gets any such suspected spam messages, please let me know by a Personal Message, and I shall post it here for all to see.

And though you all already know it very well, I still wish to emphasize that most of these spam messages are to do with selling some herbal or some 'alternative' product. Please do not fall for it.

And for potential spammers, if you are reading this message, please note that this is not a place to sell or advertise your product. If you do it, you will be banned permanently.

See the image above and read below as to what is a SPAM?

- Repetitive posts, irrelevant to the topic

For example (see the above image, last line):

Question of a user: What is sonomammography? Is it different from mammography?

Answer by a spammer: We help cancer patients with natural therapy ... blah... blah... blah...

This is a clear spam. Someone is asking about mammography and the spammer is trying to sell them oil and stuff.

- Advertising, giving out links to some shopping sites, or giving out personal contact nos to sell a product

- Justifying your product is good and trying to 'help' others to buy your product or giving them for free.

Please note, this is a site for a good open healthy discussion, not for advertising products of any kind, EVEN if they may be good, they may be life saving and correct and accepted by the world. You may find it worthwhile advertising somewhere else, not here.

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  • The most recent spam message is from user rohitaiti. And of course, Mr. Rohit from Aiti has kindly been banned

    "We help Cancer Patient with Natural Therapy like hemp Oil and graviola let us know if we can help you regards


    It would be awesome if we had just one single medicine as a cure for all, like Mr. Rohit above seems to be having. By his logic, I might as well dream of having wings so I could fly over mountains. Or I might dream of something to make me live forever.

  • I recd a spam message from LCAF claiming to have a client and I am his clients long lost relative

  • This is ridiculous. I will intimate the HU chaps to take appropriate action and ban these users

  • Thank you. I did not reply. My sister is recovering well. I think we have to wait for a week to know further line of treatment. Since the tumour has been removed cleanly and simple Mastectomy has been done, can we think alternate therapy if chemo is suggested.

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