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One year post mastectomy.

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Well one year is arriving. This time last time year I saw my consultant with the results of a second biopsy. I had already decided on a mastectomy and had accepted a date at the time of first biopsy confirmation of Grade 2 breast cancer. The second biopsy also was confirmed cancer and was told I needed mastectomy. This was booked for the following week anyway. As an ex. Nurse I didn’t want to get caught up in the flu bed shortage. Went in to Day surgery. Care fantastic. 1st on morning list. Met the actual surgeon that morning. Anaesthetic team all women. When back on ward felt ok. Told if I could drink a cuppa, eat a sandwich, and pee, I could go home in four hours. I was lucky that my husband was by my side throughout. Post -op support fabulous. A piece of my breast went to America for a test that would come up with my future risk of breast cancer returning. This was 8%. I didn’t need any chemotherapy or radio therapy. Taking Tamoxifen with very little side effects. Next week go back to Breast clinic for breast scan which is done annually for 5 years. Fingers crossed, all will be well. I’ll let you know. Thoughts for all of you going through dealing with breast cancer.

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Congrats on celebrating 1 year. I'm only at 6 months and look forward to the future. May I ask if you are taking 20 mgs daily of Tamoxifen? I'm at 10 mgs daily and trying to get to 20 but the side effects are a lot to deal with. Thanks for sharing and best wishes.

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Yes . I’m on 20mgs. The only thing I was concerned about was some swelling of lower legs at times. Hot weather didn’t help. Got myself some Class 1 below Knee stocking. Don’t wear them every day but help when on legs all day. When you are heading towards 70 the poor body comes up with some ache or pain each day. Still go for a horse ride every week. Good job they have mounting block. Started swimming in February of this year. Got a silicone breast. Decent swimwear. Enjoyed the exercise. Sad to stop with lockdown. Haven’t restarted. Too much risk from COVID-19. I had applied for a follow up course with “breast cancer care“Cancelled due to Covid. Hope you continue to do well. It’s good to have sites like these to share our thoughts and feelings.

You could see if you could get a different brand with your next prescription to see if that helps? What are you worst side effects. Mine were/are hot flushes. I’ve found cutting right back on caffeine and a magnesium supplement have really helped me. X x x

For me the hot flashes are tolerable but I can't live with the achy joint and muscle pain. My lower back, glutes, knees, ankles and knuckles all hurt. I woke up with numbness in my fingers in both hands and a few times with a racing heart. Thanks for the tip about switching the brand. I'm avoiding generic but never considered checking if there is another option besides Nolvadex.

Best wishes,

Good luck for your one year check. I had my lumpectomy in March and then had radiotherapy. On tamoxifen but still struggling with the side effects. I have a consultant appointment next month.

Wishing you blessings and best of luck with mammogram. I just had my one-year mammogram (all good), but was surprised how anxious the prospect made me feel. My surgeon's PA told me it was "funny" that women seem more apprehensive about that first post-treatment mammogram when the odds are so low of recurrence at that point. I think it's just because it's hard to imagine having to start all over again if they were to find anything. AAR, I'm sure you'll be good, but be extra kind to yourself and know that everything you're feeling is natural. Thank you for sharing your journey and cheers!

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What you say is so true. Went this afternoon. Couldn’t take hubby as due to Covid -patient. All went well. Sad to hear the Breast Cancers nurses have been moved away from the Breast screening dept. Had a very supportive nurse who I can ring anytime even if three years have passed.( her words). Well we should be “ in the PINK “ tomorrow. Will support this. Pink from head to toe. Money off to Breast Cancer ♋️.

Sheppie, thanks for posting your strong message, its encouraging for many of us on this site. I hope that the annual scan goes well. Best wishes Caroline xx

Thank you for your support. Waiting for that letter.!!!.

Congratulations Sheppie. Fab news.... 👏👏😃

Im 6 yrs clear since diagnosis. Very inpressed with all the support Ive received over the years. Still on examastane - theyd like 10yrs but happy to do 7 dont thoink my bones will take more than that!

Stay strong all you lovely ladies going through can be a long ride ( mine was a year of treatment) but you can do it. Big hugs xxx

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