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Hows everyone doing nice to hear from you !!!


Helloooo everyone …just passing by ..this time of year is a very strange time for me three years ago I started my Fec chemo for breast cancer …I think also since this covid has struck I've been a bit more thoughtful about what actually happened to me …I sort of went into overdrive after not giving myself a chance to reflect ...I was wondering how all you lovely ladies who supported me are all doing ? Do you remember I was moe distressed about my hair lol ....well I've now got my hair back you were right ...I did grow back

Im sending lots of love and hoping you are all ok ? Be nice to see/ hear from you you xxxx

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Hello jackearls. This is the first time I have “met” you as I’ve only been on this forum for a few months.

For me, it’s six years today since my first chemo session after a mastectomy. Today my husband and I went to a local National Trust garden and I was thrilled to see that I can (at the age of 74) walk up some steps that, four years ago, I couldn’t manage. Progress!

Anyone who is coming fresh from a diagnosis can see that at least there are two ladies who are well and happy!

Best wishes

Jennymary in reply to Happyrosie

Can we make that 3 ladies, I had lumpectomies 2 October 2013, no chemo, 3 weeks radio January 2014, recently had this year's mammogram, and, like all the others post cancer, it's clear

Im so Happy to meet you is important to let people know with new diagnosis that you can get through this awful time ....actually I was very lucky and got through the whole treatment quite well anyone who is new to all this ....there is hope !!! And enjoy your walks at the National Parks ...I think you see the world differently after going through chemo ...I was like a hurricane, couldn't sit still and the out come was we ended up going to South Africa on a Safari ...something my husband wanted to do and I said never something amazing came out of it ...Have a great weekend x

Hi I am now 7 years post diagnosis and I find the “date” so significant to me. It’s hard to explain to family and friends just how important that date is. I struggle with being grateful as every year passes. I feel I should be but find it hard. Hope that makes sense.

HELLO ...I dont think that there is a formula for how you should feel ....It, for me is very mixed ...when my neighbour sadly passed away a few weeks ago ..through not being diagnosed quick enough through Lockdown ..I feel guilty that I got through it and survived ...and then when my arm is swollen and sore as I have done too much ..I get angry and upset ..frustrated when I cant do what I use to ...through tiredness or my arm restricts me ...the dates are still embedded in my mind ...this time then this happened and this time that happened ...I guess it stays with you ...but i'm always grateful for everyday I live now ...its a gift ....take care Jane .x

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