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Waiting On Biopsy Report


Hi everyone. Had my first ever biopsy 2 days ago. I was hoping I'd hear something today, but the workday is almost over. The waiting is awful. I'm having trouble doing what needs to be done. Now I have a whole weekend to get through. I had 2 areas biopsied on the left and one on the right. The growths were 8 and 9 cm which seems large to me. They were all back towards the chest wall and couldn't be felt from the outside. My sister had breast cancer and my grandmother too. Just need an outlet to vent my anxiety. I haven't told my parents or sisters yet, in case it's nothing. My parents are in their 80's and don't need the stress. Thanks for listening.

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Well Gablue I’m absolutely with you on this! Six years ago I had a biopsy on one breast because of something in a mammogram. No lumps could be felt, I had to wait eight days for the result, and I can well remember the wait. Not easy at all.

But. They found a lump, I had a mastectomy two weeks later as a day case. I had a 9 cm area of malignant growth which is, yes, large. Then chemo and radiotherapy.

But again! Here I am six years later. I am well. I am happy. The professional care given me was wonderful.

Please make sure you are accompanied to each appointment and that you and the other person check everything, as the administration can be bizarre.

I really feel for you and I wish you well.

I found the waiting for results the worst. So sorry to hear you’ve got to wait over the weekend. I had a 2 week wait for mine as the results weren’t back in time for the MDT meeting so had to wait until the next one the week after. I too didn’t tell my family until I knew the results of the biopsy in case it wasn’t anything. My Mum died the previous year from secondary breast cancer and my Auntie the year before that. I hope you have someone a friend or partner you can share your anxieties with as it’s the most horrible time. I have my fingers crossed for you. Best wishes. X x x

I went for my biopsies on 16 September 2013, letter said appt would take about an hour, mine was 3 hours, it was both breasts, at the end, in floods of tears, I was told I was being referred to another hospital, I said, are you telling me I've got breast cancer, reply was, no, you've got something very very suspicious which turned out to be right breast 2cm, 3 lymph nodes, left breast 1 1/2cm, diagnosed on the 26 Sept, lumpectomies 2 October, all mammograms since have been clear, sending you best wishes for the coming days xxx

Thank you everyone for your kind responses. Have done ok today, so far, I think because I know I won't be hearing from anyone about the biopsies. Work on Monday will probably be difficult as I'll, once again, be waiting for that call. If I don't get it Monday, I'm afraid the anxiety will just increase. I told my manager at work, so she will understand if I'm distracted. She is such a good person and totally understands and supports me. I'm lucky to have that. Anyway, back to work. I hope everyone has a good day.

Dear Gablue, my heart goes out to you. It's the most horrible time waiting for news. My experience is that they don't get back to you immediately because the results are shared at their weekly multi disciplinary meeting, which means you get the wisdom of the whole team of experts who also identify the right way forwards. If they identified a nurse for you, she might be able to tell you when you can expect news. Dont' beat yourself up about being distracted, it's quite impossible to focus right now. I wish you strength at this very worrying time. Hugs and wishing you the best possible outcome. Caroline xxx


I checked back in my electronic calendar and in 2017 I wanted 2 weeks for biopsy results then 3 weeks for operation and all that followed. I was convinced that it wasn't BC and knocked off my feet when it was wishing you all the best


Well, the wait is over and unfortunately it wasn't good news. Invasive ductal carcinoma on both sides. Being referred to a surgeon. At a loss for words right now.

CM1968 in reply to Gablue

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear it was bad news. All I can say is having been in your position (double breast cancer 2018) I do know exactly how you will be feeling right now. Just put yourself in the experts hands and know that you will get through this and you will find strength you didn't know you had.

All the lovely people on here will advise & support you should you need it.

Take care, sending lots of love x

Big Big hugs.

Sorry the news not good. But they are very good at treating breast cancer these days. Listen to the doctors and don't be afraid to question and keep questioning anything you don't understand about their treatment options and recommendations.

Don't focus too far ahead, don't expect too much of yourself. Just work on putting one foot in front of the other, treat yourself kindly,try to find simply but occupying activities ( my garden never had so much attention!!!) tick the days off and you will find yourself out of the other side.

I had 2016 triple negative surgery chemo radiotherapy and eventually this thing that dominated your brain and life becomes just another memory.

Kindest regards

Mary X

I’m sorry the news wasn’t what we had all hoped.

You’ve read all the replies from posters who have been through what you are going through now. We have all come out the other side. Here we are, all feeling for you. You’re not alone.

In many ways there are positive things that come out of this, probably different things for everyone. I know that it has helped me be less shy and more sociable! This giving me a better life in many ways.

I'm sorry to read your news, I can't add anything to what's already been said, but I'm sending you love and hugs to help you through each day

I'm so sorry that the news wasn't good. But, please keep on the positive side. Staying positive makes a big difference, especially during treatments. And as others have mentioned, advancements in bc treatments have been incredibly successful and the success rate just keeps getting better and better. I'd like to offer two things: Always take someone with you to meetings. Have them take notes. There will be a lot of information to take in and it can feel overwhelming. My friends took really good notes and asked great questions, filling in the blanks when I couldn't. That made a huge difference for me.

A second recommendation is to not look too far forward or dwell on the future. Put your focus and efforts on each step of treatment as it comes. Each success/completion will feel great (plan a celebration each time!) instead of anticipating and worrying about what is still to come and what it will be like. Stay informed, do your research, but don't over-research or you will muddle your mind with too much information and ultimately create more anxiety.

I hope you'll continue to post how you are doing. This is a fantastic site, full of compassion and support. With our shared experiences, we all hold each other up so well.

Best to you-


Sending you the biggest of hugs. So sorry the news was what you feared but they are onto it now and youre under the care of a specialist hospital where there are very skilled doctors who all work together to give the best treatment. I had a very large tumour over 9cms against the breat wall so got the full works but still in remission & very well 6yrs on. As other have said take one day at a time. You learn to live differently after a cancer diagnosis taking life ast it is now rather than trying to predict the future.

Wishing total the best a great bunch of people on here who will support you all the way. They know how you must be feeling. I remember too way it's like to st such a diagnosis .I had breast cancer 32 years ago. Xx

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