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Annual mammogram


Hi Have any of you had your check up mammograms during Covid crisis. I am due my 2nd mammogram post treatment in December. I am anxious it won’t happen as apparently there is a backlog of 1 million people. I don’t know if these are only the 3yearly Screenings or are also the post treatment mammograms. Anybody know?

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Good question. My 3 year mammogram would be due in January, so we'll see. A friend had asked the same question about the regular bowel test kit screening, has this stopped? Are all these screenings administered by PHE?

I had my first one back in September 2013, all others since have been in September, so I was surprised to get a letter to go a couple of weeks ago, off I went, bit apprehensive to the the virus, but needn't had worried, was told results would be through in about 3 weeks , they came after 10 days, all clear

Lucifair in reply to Jennymary

I am really happy for you. That’s reassuring to know that you had yours. 🤞I get mine done. This Covid has so much impact. ☹️

Hi there

I had my 2nd follow-up mammogram as normal & an MRI in Aug & Sept this year. I do wonder if it's a 'postcode lottery' and depends on where you live and the local situation re. covid.

Hope you get your appointment, they are so important for peace of mind aren't they.

Take care


Lucifair in reply to CM1968

Thank you, you too x

Hi I had my first yearly one after diagnosis was due in march but was put back until June, got results in a few days, all good. That's in Leicester x

Isn’t it a relief, I had to wait 3 weeks last December, it was torture. X

Hi, I had my first follow-up appointment pretty much a year to the day from my operation. Couldn’t fault my local hospital. Hope yours is on time and all goes well x

I am in my 5th year of post treatment and had my annual mammogram in June as normal. Given you are a much earlier stage would not think there should be any problem. Don't worry they will be in touch. Hope you reach your 5 years with no worries.

Lucifair in reply to PeepBo

Thank you, take care 😀

Mine are 2 yearly now but should’ve been this year, I was wondering the same thing. I usually get invite from the mobile unit. Don’t like to think it will be delayed at all, I know I’ve only one but it’s still very important

Lucifair in reply to Krawlins

If it’s overdue I would give them a ring. Hope all goes well.

Krawlins in reply to Lucifair

Hope you get yours in December too. Best wishes x

Hello, Just to say that I too had my mammogram as scheduled. I too was worried but the appointment came through no problem. I am now 3 years post surgery. My mammograms are scheduled on the anniversaries of surgery rather than diagnosis or the start of treatment. I hope your appointment comes through soon, but I wouldnt hesitate to chase it up if you feel they may be a delay. Good luck. x

Thank you I will .


My friend was due to have hers July/Aug cant remember which and it was done she had go different hospital than usual - so I am hoping this bodes well for me for February next year we had it both in the same year I finished treatment in the June and she was diagnosed in August same year we live North West London area


From all the replies it’s sounding positive that we will all get our mammograms ok which is a big relief.

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