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Found another one


I’m waiting to see the consultant for an examination of a new lump in my other breast! I’m so scared and anxious to know 😱

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Sorry Shihtzumom that you are troubled. You say a new lump, so I suppose you’ve had this kind of problem before. Take heart - you are still here! You got through it last time and you will get through it this time. Yes it’s frightening but you are doing something about it.

Keep us posted, and wishing you all the best

Thanks yes I had a mastectomy last September, chemo and radiation , just don’t want to put my loved ones through all this again x

They were there for you last year and they are there for you now.

Just a thought - don’t keep it all to yourself with your family, share your troubles with them (if they are old enough). I found that the Macmillan material I had when I was first diagnosed was extremely helpful in taking you through how to share.

All the best

Thanks,will do xx

Hi Shihtzumom. I am really sorry to hear your update. I really really hope it turns out to be nothing bad. There is nothing so horrible as the wait, thinking of all the worst things, its impossible to push these thoughts completely out of your mind. Getting it checked out is the best thing you can do. We are all wishing you the very best outcome and sending you our love. xx

Thanks xx

The wait is the worst. I do hope it turns out to be nothing. Stay strong.

Thanks, me too x

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