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Final lot of steroid and lonquex


Hello all, I had my last round of chemo yesterday, I'm so relieved. I had an allergy to one of the meds and have to skip the fourth and final round. I start tomoxifen on the 11 June. Makes me a bit nervous to be honest, I'm a diabetic.

I have a question, I have to take my lonquex at 2.15 today but I have lunch at and my final steroid tablets with lunch, is it safe to have them so close together?

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Sorry cannot help with your question. Good luck with the next stage of your treatment. Chemo is certainly tough xx

Hi Jen sorry to hear you had a tough time with the chemo. Tbh this is the first time I have heard of lonwuex so I’m afraid I can’t comment other than to suggest you ring either your BCN or perhaps your pharmacist? Or even you gp as they have all helped me in the past. Apparently there is a big book referred to by my gp as the ‘bible’ which tells them what medications clash when taken together.

Wishing you lots of luck for the rest of your treatment xx

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