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Hi, am due my first yearly mammogram after having a lumpectomy last year. Does anyone know if these are still taking place?

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Do you have a breast cancer nurse you can contact? Or Macmillan?

I might have to, didnt want to bother them at the moment. Starting to worry about it 🙄

Hi, I just got my first year one just before lock down. My follow up appointment didn't happen though and has been rescheduled till August. I did get a phone call asking if there was anything I was worried about or if I was having any problems before it was rescheduled. Hope this helps? x

Thanks, I will wait about another fortnight then ring them. How are you doing?

Hi, I'm doing good thanks. Getting a bit like groundhog day but better to keep safe. They phoned me on the day of my appointment to reschedule but I'm sure I got a letter the week before to tell me not to go to hospital and that someone would be in touch. It was a bit scary waiting on results from mammogram but think it will be the same every year. Hope everything goes ok for you. Take care x

Thankyou, look after yourself x

Hi. I have had mine postponed. I don’t think they are doing the routine ones at the minute. If you have a problem or are worried then they will see you. I know it’s scanxiety every year.! I’m usually ok going to the mamo but then start to get anxious when I get the results. Even though I haven’t felt anything.

I would just give your breast care nurse a call they won’t mind and then at least you will know one way or another.

Take care


Thankyou 💐

Hi I was due my first yearly one in April, after a lumpectomy last year but it was cancelled, I phoned them straight away and they said all the mammograms for April had been cancelled and they would be in touch to reschedule, so I am waiting anxiously I've even considered paying for a private one but not sure if they would do one with the covid19.x

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Hi. My annual check up and mammogram went ahead privately yesterday. I always become anxious around this time but even more so this year. Fortunately I got the results straight away ( all clear) so no agonising wait. Good luck.

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Was thinking about going private, will think about it x

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Thank you, have just enquired at spire private hospital

It’s a worry isn’t it! Fingers crossed that all is well with you x


Do you have an appointment? If you do I imagine you would be advised if it is cancelled

If you don't have appointment ring your B.C.N. and ask her what situation is (assuming u are in UK) if another part of world then I don't know.

I had appointment for something else and was advised by text not to turn up for it

HTH Diane

Hi, no I don’t have an appointment, live in Dorset. Will phone BCN to check what’s happening x

I have just enquired about a private mammogram, also phoned glenfield where I have usual checkups and they haven't started sending appointments or anything out yet, I did go for another checkup just before lockdown (I go doctors alot as suffer with anxiety and terrified it's gonna come back). So they might not think I'm an urgent case. Hope all stays well with you

And you, look after yourself x

Just spoke to spire hospital and they aren't doing mammograms until July so might aswell wait for NHS one 😩

😕 fingers crossed it might be a bit sooner once they get going again x

Hopefully, stay well x

The Hardest thing is waiting and being impatient I remember my first one I waited the 3 weeks it said in the letter I was handed - I rang spoke with the Secretary whom was so rushed with her work but gave me result all clear the 2nd year a letter came within a week I was so scared I made hubby open it all clear and this year had to ring up same Secretary lovely lady again all clear


each year I have been after my boob has been squashed within an inch of its life ... as soon as they release pressure I come over all wobbly and almost faint they sit me down and eventually I feel OK this year I did ask does this happen to many ladies the answer was yes especially if they have had surgery.... at least I know that its not just me and there is a reason as I said IT MAY NOT HAPPEN TO YOU BUT IF IT DOES ITS OK one of my best friends had B.C. 2 months after I finished my treatment and has not suffered any of the after effects that I have from surgery/R.T. that I have so remember everyone is different

With the current situation all everyone can do is wait I know it doesn't ease your frustration or worry I personally think our lives might never be how they were again..

Try and love yourself ...

Thankyou so much for your reply, I will remember that about fainting. Take care and look after yourself x

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