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Well today I got my results and it’s cancer but treatable. Operation to remove tumour and surrounding tissue and lymph nodes then radiotherapy no chemo is needed

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Sorry to read of your diagnosis, if your op is going to be lumpectomies, radiotherapy, no chemo, you'll go through what I did 6 yes ago, each mammogram since has been clear, sending good luck wishes your way xxx

Sounds like my case.

Lumpectomy and lymph nodes.

I had a small spread to nodes but still n9 chemo. Just a wider area of rads.

Did 6 weeks of radiation and now supposed to be on arimidex for 10 years.

For my own personal choice reasons, i stopped that after about a year. But again, was just my choice nothing to do w/the medication itself.

Good luck!

Good luck, you can do this.

Sending you love and hugs xx

Good luck with the operation hope all goes well for you xx

Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was exactly in your shoes nearly 4 years ago. I had grade 3 ducal cancer and had a lumpectomy, full nodal clearance under left arm and 15 round of radiotherapy. I was put on Anatrazole for 5 years and so far have had 3 clear mammograms. Stay positive and be kind to yourself, you can do this. Sending you a gentle hug and I wish you a speedy recovery z

Thats good no chemo you all get through xx

Hi I went through the same last year, and found the whole experience much less scary than i thought, take the advice given and plenty of E45 cream and i had no issues at all. I cannot tell any difference now. Good Luck and hope the time goes quick for you as it did for me xx Rest when you feel tired and be kind to yourself. xx

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