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First radiation treatment


Finally after a months wait and a lot of hospital appointments to clear a seroma and streptococcus infection, I’m ready to start the final part of my treatment 😱

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Good luck hope it goes well for you x

Thanks 🙏

I'm sure it will be less difficult than what has gone before. It passes very quickly.

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🤞🏻thanks, I’ll just be glad not to have so many appointments and be able to get things done x

i hope it all goes well for you and its history before you know it xx

Thanks 🤞🏻x

Good luck and stay strong x


Goodness you have been through the mill. It seems that you and me went through similar experiences. I contracted sepsis 3 days after my op and had my seromas drained every 2 days because of build up of fluid. Antibiotics didn’t want to touch it so in the end I had to go back into theatre to have it all cleaned up and packed. A long haul after that as it had to heal from the inside out whilst packing was changed every 2 days, something I was taught to do myself. Now it is just a scar, but what an ordeal it was. I do hope you get yours sorted out soon and wish you every success in your treatment. x

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Wow that’s a lot more than me, luckily 2 1/2 weeks of antibiotics seems to have cleared mine up 🙏 I’m just waiting to hear from the radiologist now. Keep strong and fighting xx

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