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Breast cancer

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Hi . I am having chemo at moment. I had breast cancer what l had a operation for . Found out l had her2 positive so got have chemo, radiotherapy and hormone injections every three weeks .

7 Replies

Sorry you are going through it. My history sounds very similar to yours and I underwent the same treatments. Not pleasant at the time but happily it all worked for me. All the best and good luck with it all.


Hey Louise,

I had her2 positive BC too. I had 3 rounds of FEC chemotherapy every 3 weeks then surgery then 12 weeks of Paclitaxel then radiotherapy.

I've had my first hormone injection, Zoladex. Started Letrozole in January.

How many rounds of chemo have you had? And which one?

Take extra care of yourself, have a treat, id give myself a treat after chemo sessions. If you ever need to talk u can always chat with us on this forum. When ur able check out your local Breast Care Haven Centre?

Take care Sami 😊


Thinking of you at this time. I was diagnosed last June 2018. I had 7 chemos as was ER+, PR+ and HER2+. I had a good result from the chemo and then surgery, mastectomy. I had no need for radiotherapy but followed with remaining herceptin infusions until this August. Also on anastrazole for 10 years and ibrandronic acid for bones for 3 years.

Hopefully things will keep going well for you but please talk about things on here as there is a lot of support, I found this site very helpful and useful. It’s good to ask questions and get help from people who have gone through treatments. Keep strong xx


Hi sounds very similar to me - HER 2+ . I8 months ago I had 4 rounds of herceptin docetaxel and ptermuzupab, 4 rounds of ec then surgery in November then 15 rads and then herceptin injections and tamoxifen. Finished the injections in August. It's a hard slog no doubt but I am okay now, NED, back at work. Hang on in there and hoping all goes well with your treatment. Xx


Dear Louie. You will be going through huge anxiety at present but good thing you are in this group as it’s so helpful I found .

For the last 15 months my treatments included surgery , mastectomy, chemo FEC and Paclitaxol, and now Letrizole with zoledronic acid for the bones. It’s been a real mission but I’m well enough to have done a 26 hour flight to NZ for my sons wedding ; arrived 2 days ago ! My hair is now short and thick , after losing it at the end of treatment , and I’m sure if you take things steadily , trust your onco team, and get lots of rest you will be fine.

Thinking of you !

Love from Denise


Hi Louie, its such a shock getting the diagnosis and horrible having to go through all the treatment. Its do-able but not a lot of fun. It seems to go on forever and its almost impossible to imagine that the treatment will finish but it will. Good luck to you and be kind to yourself Hugs Caroline xx


Thank you . Counting down now 4 more to go . Then radiotherapy x Louise .


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