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Just started on letrozole


I’m new here but I’ve really learned a lot by reading you lovely ladies posts. I’ve had a lumpectomy two weeks ago, no chemo will know if I’ve to have radiation when I see oncologist on 6/9, when I’ll hopefully get pathology results. I’ve started on letrozole on Friday so far no side effects but know it’s too early to tell. Hope it’s kind to me as I had a bone density test two months ago and am verging on osteoporosis.

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I hope you are feeling ok after the surgery. The shock of diagnosis is massive. Do look after yourself. Good luck with the next dr appointment. I didnt find radio too bad - just hard going to daily appoints. Best wishes xx

Thanks so much saw my daughter through her treatment 7 years ago so somehow me getting it didn’t have the same impact as then. Hope your treatment has been successful it’s such a journey isn’t it. Are you on hormone treatment ? How are you finding it ?

Best wishes right back carolinenailsea xx

It must have been heartbreaking to watch this happening to your daughter. I cannot imagine how hard that must be, truelly agonising. I trust she is doing really well. I am lucky in that its two years ago now and no return. I feel very good now, I do lots more exercise which I think helps a lot. Because I was triple negative I do not take any tablets so I cannot help with how this goes. Best wishes to you both Caroline

Really hope you carry on doing so well . Really we can only do what we feel is best for us. I’m getting the weights out big time mind you I’m only 71/2 stone wet through so they can’t be that big weights 😆. Yes my daughter decided on the whole shebang cause she had a five year old son her strength then has given me mine now but I think all of us find that inner strength don’t we.

Take care xx

Hi hope you are feeling okay. I had a mastectomy, no reconstruction, in Jan this year after 7 rounds of chemo, no radio. I am on anastrazole for 10 years together with a bone tablet to help my bones following diagnosis and being 50 and 8 months old. I find my tablets the hormone ones made my bones ache especially in ankles, hips and feel a bit stiffer. However started a Pilates class on a weekly basis at The Haven in Leeds and this had helped me massively to be more supple and mobile.

Hope you get good news on the 6th although I was told by a friend that radio is easier than chemo as she had both. Good luck and keep in touch on here xx


If you have osteopenia they should give you a Vit D and calcium supplement to prevent further loss of bone density. If they haven't ask about it at your follow up.

H x

Yes I’ve been prescribed vitamin d3 and calcium and bought my own magnesium after talking to doc. I’ve a phone consultation with doctor on 6/9 receptionist says it’s to talk about going on meds for bones. Birthday 2018 hope the Pilates helps your aching bones I’m just waiting for it all to start ! If oncologist says it’s my decision about radiation I’ll do it just not going on osteoporosis tablets. Going to join gym and on a high calcium diet and hope it will make a difference.

Best wishes to you all xx

Hi, before you join a gym may be worth trying to find out if there's a cancer rehab exercise scheme in your area. It's a 12 week programme run by someone who had the qualifications to advise cancer patients on the best exercise for them , there's been one running at my local gym since at least 2014, sending good luck wishes for a continued good recovery x

That’s a good idea jennymary I’ll do that first. Love ladies knowledge on this site thanks so much for the info. Hope your in a good place and your recovery’s going well.

Best wishes xx

I’ve been on letrozole , vitamin D,and alendric acid for 4 years, and my bones and joints ache, but it’s a small price to pay. Good luck 🤞

Yes aching bones is a small price to pay if it does it’s job, just wish it didn’t affect some ladies so badly. What is Alendroic acid is it a supplement ? Brilliant that your 4 years down the line here’s to the next 4 and the next 😊 .

Take care and good luck right back xx

Thank you, I don’t ask many questions, but I think the Alendronic acid, has something to do with preventing osteoporosis, as I was prescribed it after having a bone density scan.

My doctor took me off Letrozole and put me on tamoxifen because I have osteoporosis.

Alendronic acid is a bone strengthener.....it stops the bones from weakening further. My GP told me its like stopping the clock. You take a tablet once per week for three years. Ive had no side effects from taking it.

Thank you for that waveylines

Best wishes x

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